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Corporate Partners

Solid relationships with highly reputable companies

Dr. Hans Liebherr founded the Liebherr Group of Companies in 1949. Since then, the Liebherr group has gone on to become one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of refrigeration and has earned a reputation for performance, innovation and care for the environment. Today Liebherr provides an extensive range of wine storage equipment to the world market. Incorporating the latest climate technology, they provide precisely the right conditions for wines to mature in peace and reach their peak of flavour. Including a state-of-the-art electronic control system, unique compressors and a host of thoughtfully designed features, these appliances are specifically tailored for storing your wine in the best condition.

Think of premium quality chocolate and you’re probably thinking of Lindt. An international group established in Switzerland in 1845, Lindt is recognised as a leader in the market for premium quality chocolate. Lindt strives for excellence to maximize worldwide market opportunities. With a thorough understanding of consumers, their habits, needs, behaviour and attitudes, Lindt's understanding serves as the base to create products and services of superior quality and value. And best of all, they know how to make fabulous tasting chocolate!

"Lindt has been working in partnership with Selector Magazine for over four years and has been an excellent opportunity to showcase Lindt's diverse product range on offer. This relationship has proven mutually beneficial to each party as there is a wonderful synergy between good wine and premium chocolate. We have been able to further strengthen this relationship through our involvement in specifically constructed wine and chocolate appreciation classes that allow food lovers the ultimate indulgence to taste a selection of quality Australian Wines and delicious Lindt chocolates. Through this unique relationship with Selector, Lindt is able to strengthen its marketing and branding positioning with our key target audience."

Lindt Australia

Schott Zwiesel’s intimate connection with the art of glass making started in Zwiesel in 1872, when the first melting furnace was laid down. Since then, their success has been fuelled by the marriage of traditional skills, a constant desire to enhance the materials and technologies worked with, and their sheer fascination for glass. Specialists in the manufacture of drinking glasses, the creations are developed in co-operation with experts such as sommeliers, leading chefs and cocktail experts. Schott Zwiesel together with Australian Fine China, are established and trusted brands supplying many leading restaurants, hotels and homes of everyday people around the globe.

"Schott Zwiesel and Australian Fine China, are established and trusted brands within the hospitality industry around the globe. Our next step is to take our superb range of stem and table wear into the homes of people who enjoy life. Selector magazine has produced a program unlike any other which directly takes our brand to lovers of food, wine and lifestyle – our ideal customer. From creating educational features to designing targeted offers, which to date have proven very successful, to promoting our stemware for members events, tastings and photo shoots – this program sets us up to achieving our goal of educating as many new devotees as possible, as to the benefits of using Australian Fine China and Schott Zwiesel when enjoying good food and wine."

Michael Carrie
Brand Manager

Oceania Cruises is the world’s top-rated, upper-premium cruise line and offers an unrivaled combination of the finest cuisine at sea, elegant accommodations, personalized service and great value. Award-winning itineraries visit more than 330 alluring ports in Europe and the Mediterranean, Asia & the South Pacific, Australia & New Zealand, Canada & Alaska, the USA and Central & South America including the Caribbean.

Whether aboard the 684-guest Regatta & Nautica or the new 1,250-guest Marina & Riviera (launched in May 2012), elegance and luxury is beautifully blended with intimacy and warmth. Oceania’s mid-size ships offer large-ship amenities thus all the indulgences you could possibly imagine. The ships naturally exude a warm, inviting ambiance that instantly allows you to be yourself and at ease. They are refreshingly casual and friendly, almost like being in a private country club of like-minded members where everyone knows your name, but without any pretension or the need for tuxedos and evening gowns. The moment you step onboard, you know - this is no ordinary cruise experience.

The Finest Cuisine at Sea

Oceania’s very own Executive Culinary Director - renowned Master Chef Jacques Pépin – keeps a watchful eye over the five-star menus that are all prepared and served à la minute. Dine where, when and with whom you choose in up to six distinctive open-seating gourmet restaurants - all offered at no additional charge.

The moment you step onboard, you know - this is no ordinary cruise experience.

Asian Inspirations works to inform and ultimately aims to take consumers on an adventure into the heart of authentic Asian cuisine and culture.

The history and culture rooted within Asia have become a part of the unique and diverse range of Asian cuisine that we have today. In essence Asian cuisine is a combination of stories, eating culture, symbolism and everyday way of life which is what makes it so fascinating. From the aromas, textures and flavours of Asian cuisine, Asian Inspirations provides everything from authentic recipes to information about Asian ingredients, products and tips to help you turn your weeknights into memorable dining experiences.

To further our consumer’s experience, Asian Inspirations and Wine Selectors have developed a partnership in hopes to explore and to unify an unexplored relationship between wine and Asian cuisine.

Whilst wine has been generally associated with Western cuisines a partnership with Wine Selectors and Asian Inspirations represents the tie of intricate aromas and flavours of Asian cuisine together with the sophisticated and elegant tastes that Australian wine we have to offer.

Asian Inspirations hopes to enrich people’s experiences and allow people to gain a deeper and full understanding of the meaning behind "authentic" in Asian cuisine.

Make Asian Inspirations the ultimate destination for your Asian food experience.