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May 2011 Edition

In this issue we highlight some beautiful Cabernet Sauvignons to look out for and we also get to know one of the best Australian red wine producers, Balgownie Estate. While we have an introduction to Balgownie Estate in this edition, if you want to know more about the historic winery and their impressive wines, check out the latest issue of Selector on newsstands from 9 May. We also talk about the importance of family wineries in Australia’s wine industry, our latest Friday Wine-down MASSIVE savings and our exciting upcoming events.

Enjoy the read!

Greg Walls

Greg Walls, Managing Director

Do you know the story behind your wine?
Wine Talk

In the Autumn edition of Selector magazine Tasting Panellist Christian Gaffey wrote a passionate piece on the strength of families in the Australian wine industry. As the new vintage wines are being released, we thought it timely to revisit this important message of being aware of the origins of your wine.

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The Australian wine industry was built on family names such as McWilliam’s, De Bortoli, Brown, Miranda, Cassegrain, Tulloch, Tyrrell’s and Drayton’s who’ve allowed us to put faces to the drops in our glasses and given some understanding of the hard graft that goes into making them. However, some time ago the Australian wine industry started to become corporatised. It was seen by the suits as a place to make fast money and subsequently family brands started to be taken over by corporates: think names like Knappstein, Wynns, and Goundry to name just a few.

For a while things went well, but unfortunately the wine industry was just too close to farming for the corporate juggernaut to get it right. Now they’ve had some time in the industry, the corporates are starting to realise that it’s just too hard. They are breaking up companies and selling off brands and infrastructure in an attempt to salvage some of their poorly managed investments. Families, on the other hand, have pulled together, united by an unequalled passion for their product that sees them make it through the hard times and celebrate the wins. Without them, the industry would be a much poorer place and the quality would definitely be compromised.

As you open your next bottle remember everything that goes into getting it to you. There is something very rewarding when you think that the whole process has been driven by family passion. So when choosing your next bottle of wine, bear in mind that a wine that appears to be from a family name may be marketed to look that way. Careful research reaps the rewards of authentic family passion.

The charm of Cabernet

As one of the noblest red varieties, Cabernet Sauvignon used to reign supreme until it was de-throned by Shiraz. Now there’s a popular resurgence for this regal red grape as it rejoins the ranks of royalty.

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Cabernet Sauvignon is considered one of the great Australian red wines and is widely grown all over the country. It can be made in a range of styles and it is capable of producing a broad spectrum of attractive regional characters. Some are elegant, medium-bodied examples with fine tannins and cassis-flavoured fruit, often mixing in leafy, bramble characters. Then there are more full-bodied expressions with ripe black fruits, plenty of oak and a thick, confronting tannin presence in their early stages of development.

Two of the best regions in Australia for Cabernet are South Australia’s Coonawarra (which you can experience in the Richmond Grove Limited Release Cabernet Sauvignon 2007) and Western Australia’s Margaret River (beautifully expressed in the Rosabrook Cabernet Sauvignon 2007). Or if you want to do the ultimate Coonawarra vs Margaret River challenge, keep an eye out for the next Wine Selectors catalogue, due out 17 May, which features the Cabernet Character Study dozen with savings of $118 and four FREE crystal glasses.

Behind Balgownie

In the latest Selector Magazine (out 9 May) Max Allen and Dave Mavor tasted a Balgownie Estate Dream Vertical. Not only were they blown away by the amazing quality of the wines, but they also discovered the story behind this historic Bendigo winery.

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It was back at the end of the swinging 60s that Balgownie Estate was planted with Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz. A forerunner in the area, their vines now average 30 years old and are some of the oldest in the region producing fruit with intense flavour and great depth. But in the mid 80s original owner Stuart Anderson sold the vineyard to the corporate wine company, Mildara Blass, who unfortunately did little to continue Stuart’s dreams.

All the while the vines continued to produce good fruit, which eventually caught the eyes of Des and Rod Forrester who realised the Estate’s potential in 1999 and bought the vineyard. Since then the Estate has flourished with the help of a range of expert winemakers – and the result – the spectacular dream verticals available in the latest Selector Magazine. The two verticals are Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz, both showcasing the 2001, 2004 and 2008 vintages and when you buy both as a mixed 6-pack you will save an

Essential winter reading

Keep an eye out for the winter edition of Selector in your next regular delivery, in the mailbox or on the newsagent shelf. Released 9 May, this Spanish-inspired issue brings you an exciting range of personalities, recipes and travel features from one of the world’s favourite European destinations.

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There’s the world’s best chef Ferran Adria, an impressive Catalan culinary feast and a look at some of the incredible architecture of Spain’s cellar doors. Plus if you’ve missed out on a past edition or want to keep up to date with the latest life+food+wine news and events check out

On your marks, get set…it’s Friday!

Your newest, most exciting way to save on quality wines is here – Friday Wine-down! Each week wines that are priced to excite will be available for you to buy for one hour only. It will be a mad dash to secure your pack but with incredible savings from 40% to 60% it will be worth it.

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Bring life to wine with these unforgettable events

Book now to secure your spot at the following events:

Cheese and wine – simply divine!
It’s little wonder that when it comes to Wine Selectors events, the Cheese and Wine Appreciation Courses are the most popular. Very few people can resist the sublime match of quality wines with King Island Dairy cheeses.

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As well as matching some of your favourite cheese varieties, you have the opportunity to sample some exquisite temptations you don’t normally find in stores.
Brisbane Cheese and Wine Appreciation – Sunday, 8 May at the Quay West Suites.

Melbourne Race Day
There’s nothing like the excitement of a day at the races. Our Annual Race Day is one of our most popular events. Held in the Peter Lawrence Room at Caulfield Race Course on Saturday 14th May, this event features everything you would expect from a day at the races - fashion, glamour, excitement and a flutter - with a sumptuous lunch and matching wines. Bring a group of friends along and join Wine Educator Chris Barnes for this day at the races with a Wine Selectors twist.
Melbourne Race Day –Saturday, 14 May at Caulfield Racecourse.

Get drawn in to Magnetic Island for an unforgettable lunch
Our Magnetic Island Lunch is fast becoming one of our most anticipated events, so treat yourself to lunch in paradise on Sunday 5th June. Overlooking the Marina at Magnetic Island, the event includes lunch at Peppers Blue on Blue Resort with matched wines and some great giveaways. Make a weekend of it!
Magnetic Island Lunch – Sunday, 5 June at Peppers Blue on Blue.

Next Survey: Your Events

As the cooler months approach the weather dictates less outdoor entertaining and more warm and cosy indoor events. To make sure our Member Events continue to live up to your expectations, interests and budgets we would love to know a little bit more about your event attending habits.

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We want you to tell us the type of events you prefer, whether you take your friends along with you and how much you are willing to spend. And while you are at it, simply tell us in 25 words or less your idea of the perfect meal to accompany a bottle of Baddaginnie Run Merlot 2008 and you could win a 6-pack of premium wine valued at over $250! We’re looking forward to hearing your thoughts.Click here!