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Fortified Dessert Wine Varieties


Background of dessert wines

For centuries, a huge variety of sweet wines has been produced all over the world. From the high priced Botrytis-affected wines of Bordeaux and the Loire Valley, to the stately Tokajis of Hungary and the late-harvested ice-wines of Germany, sweet wines have always had a place in the hearts of wine and food lovers.

Australian Dessert Wine Regions

The Riverina Near the town of Griffith in southern New South Wales is the Riverina wine region. The Riverina benefits from still, misty conditions, which provide favourable conditions for noble rot. Here, the botrytis influenced Semillon grapes are picked in late autumn to produce dessert wines with complex honey and marmalade characters. During the 1980s, the De Bortoli family pioneered Australian Botrytis-affected Semillon in the Riverina and created Noble One, which is modelled on the Sauternes of Bordeaux.