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Champagne lovers are a discerning bunch. We loathe the standard and embrace the new, the unique and the undiscovered. I recently got the chance to indulge my passion and go on a Champagne treasure hunt. I was fed up with what has become the commercial and dare I say it the bland, so you can imagine my excitement when I unearthed a veritable treasure trove of the world's finest indulgence.

Now you have the opportunity to discover these stars for yourself. I’m really excited to bring you a unique new range of Champagnes from distinguished and boutique Houses from this world famous region. The wines you’ll find below constitute a rare selection of some of the best and hard to find Champagnes that I was lucky enough to taste.

If you’ve not tried French Champagne before then here’s your opportunity to indulge in one of life’s more spectacular delicacies. You will not find a better range of God’s magnificent gift to us. Any kindred spirits will already have recognised this is special and you’ve probably stopped reading and started feverishly snapping them up. Stocks are limited, don’t miss out! – Nicole Gow, Tasting Panel member