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Barbecued Bone-in Rib Eye with Chimichurri and Herbed Potato ‘Chips’

Preparation time
Cooking time


1.6-2.1kg Rib eye with bone in, or Tomahawk cut (thick cut)

50g EVOO

Black pepper, to taste

Salt to taste


1.5kg Royal blue or Sebago potatoes, scrubbed well, sliced into 5-7mm rounds.

10g / 2tsp Onion powder

5g / 1tsp Sweet paprika

2.5g / ½tsp White pepper

5g / 1tsp Salt

100g EVOO


2lge Lemons, zest and reserve juice

50g Red wine vinegar (optional, above lemon juice can be used in substitute)

25g/ 1tbsp Dijon mustard

6lge Anchovy fillets, diced

1bunch Coriander, leaves only, finely diced

1bunch Flat leaf parsley, leaves only, finely diced

½bunch Oregano, leaves only, diced

½bunch Thyme, leaves only, diced

1med Red onion, finely diced

5cloves Garlic, crushed

1long Red chili, deseeded, finely diced

200g EVOO

Black pepper, to taste

Salt to taste


1. For the steak, remove the meat from the fridge at 20-40minutes before cooking to return it to room temperature. Coat all sides of steak generously with EVOO, pepper and salt. Set aside for up to 10minutes.

2. Preheat barbecue to high.

3. Sear or seal on all sides including the width and along the bone, up to a minute each side, before settling on one side, close barbecue hood and cook for up to 15minutes before testing internal temperature with a meat thermometer – remove when desired doneness is achieved as below:

- 55-60°C for very rare up to rare

- 63°C medium-rare

- 70°C for medium

4. Allow meat to rest for up to ten minutes before serving, carve and present on board or carve at the table for your guests.

5. While the meat is coming up to room temperature and sitting, prepare the potatoes. Preheat the flat side of the barbecue to med-high.

6. In a large bowl mix the spices, oil and potatoes thoroughly to ensure all slices are evenly coated.

7. Cook on the flat side of the barbecue, whilst flipping regularly to ensure even cooking for the first 5minutes.  Potatoes may take up to 20minutes, you can close the lid for 5-10minutes at a time between flipping.  Potato chips should be cooked through and crisping on the edges, some char is okay, but cook to your desired crispness.

8. Whilst the meat is resting and the potatoes are cooking, prepare the chimichurri.  Place all solids into a large mortar and pestle and pound and grind until a rough paste is formed. 

9. Loosen and mix with EVOO and acidity.  Season with pepper and salt to taste. 

10. Alternatively, you can use a food processor to combine the ingredients, but this may result in a much smoother paste without a pleasing textural and visual difference among the ingredients.

11. Serve steak, chips and a generous bowl of chimichurri on a shared board for guests to serve themselves.

Wine Match: Willow Bridge Estate Shiraz 2017 & Iron Cloud Rock of Solitude Purple Patch GSM 2017

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Preparation time
Cooking time