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Everdure by Heston Blumenthal

When one of the world’s most inventive chefs sets his mind to redesigning the humble barbeQue, the results are spectacular. presenting Everdure by Heston Blumenthal.

The name Heston Blumenthal transcends the realm of food. More than an award-winning chef, his is a name associated with innovation, imagination and the ability to seemingly create magic on a plate. He is an innovator, a game changer and held in the highest regard by fans, critics and peers alike. In equal measures, he is a culinary scientist who challenges the way we think about food and cooking.

Recently, he turned his attention to redefining the backyard barbeque.

“I have genuinely always loved barbeques,” Heston says in an interview about his range of Everdure barbeques. “There really is something pagan, kind of caveman-like about it. You just feel as if you are part of evolution.”

And a backyard evolution Heston has created. In collaboration with Australia’s most esteemed barbeque producer, Everdure, this imaginative chef has turned his creative juices to evolving the barbeque as we know it to create a stunning range that will allow the everyday chef to barbeque food like never before.

Question everything

How did this barbeque revolution happen? Well, Heston is recognised as a genius when it comes to looking at situations, questioning why they exist and devising solutions to make them better. It is one of the hallmarks of his personality and is even the motto on his own official coat of arms.

"I was told I was eligible for a coat of arms. At the bottom, on a scroll, you have to put a motto and mine was, ‘question everything’. The question everything approach is exactly what I did with barbeques." explains Heston.

“Why do they all need to basically be the same? Why does convenience have to dominate over quality? So, this process of questioning everything started to throw up some really exciting ideas.

“The next stage for me was to find the leading experts, the best barbeque manufacturers in Australia and that was the beginning of the development of my range of barbeques with Everdure.”

- Heston Blumenthal

Michelin-starred barbeques

Heston collaborated with the design team at Everdure. Many questions were asked, many more ideas were aired and the innovation process began in earnest. And it wasn’t just a slight tweak to current ideas – it is a complete transformation, more revolution than evolution.

“Having spent the last 20 years of my life tirelessly working to try and get a greater understanding of all the ingredients that we use, to get the best out of them, I have developed so many techniques over this time, I thought, well wouldn’t it be great to encapsulate those and put them into a barbeque range and create a range of kits that would completely transform barbeques.”

The result is Everdure by Heston Blumenthal. “I can say this because I am one, a three Michelin star chef, but if I were to start a new genre of three Michelin star barbeques, that is what this range would be, and that is what this range is.”

Alluring Flavours

There are two ranges in Everdure by Heston Blumenthal: charcoal and gas.

“Both of them have features that have never been seen before on a barbeque,” says Heston. “For the charcoal range, the geniuses at Everdure come up with this ignition system – it is just a button.

“You put some charcoal into the middle of the barbeque and you press the button – and that’s it. Within 10 minutes you can cook on it. This is the first time in the world that a charcoal barbeque lights with the press of a button.”

In the charcoal range, there are three models; the Hub, the Fusion and the Cube.

“The Hub is the big boy, so called  because it brings people together and generates an incredible amount of heat. It is always good for a barbeque to have too much heat, rather than not enough, because you can take it away – you can move the coals around,’ explains Heston

“The Fusion is a bit more bijou, and it looks like a piece of furniture. It is an ultra-modern design. But then thinking about that, we thought why not do a little one that you can take on picnics or to the beach. The Cube was born. It is light, very compact and once again, very stylish.”

The convenience of gas

The other range of Everdure by Heston Blumenthal is a gas range. It offers the reliability and familiarity of cooking with gas, but also offers the power and control to take your barbecuing to the next level.

“I understand why so many people enjoy cooking with gas barbeques because it is convenient,” levels Heston. “With the gas range, the big one is the Furnace it has three burners, the smaller version is the Force. They are the most powerful controlled gas barbeques in the world.

“People have a recipe that they love doing, maybe a Sunday roast or a rib of beef, but they’ll cook it inside, they won’t do it on a barbeque. Now they can, because this kit gives you the flexibility, control, safety and the knowledge your barbeques will never taste the same again.”

Award-wining barbeques

Try Heston's BBQ lobster roll recipe

Since its launch, Everdure by Heston Blumenthal has wowed fans and critics  alike. The range has already won multiple Red Dot Awards for high quality design, a coveted 2017 iF Design Award for exceptional functional design, as well as a gold winner at the International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA).

“If I was to sum up the entire range, it is basically taking the sum of the 20 years worth of knowledge I have developed in my professional career in the kitchen into a highly specialised barbeque kit,” says Heston. “These are barbeques I think people would love to have – beautifully designed and all unique. ”

Where to buy Everdure by Heston Blumenthal

Everdure by Heston Blumenthal is available at Harvey Norman. For more details and a great range of Heston’s delicious barbeque recipes visit everdurebyheston.com.

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Migration of the Fat Duck
Words by Paul Diamond on 4 Sep 2015
If you have gastronomic tendencies, you would have known that Heston Blumenthal migrated his Fat Duck restaurant, staff, cutlery, crockery, lock, stock and barrel to Melbourne earlier this year. Most restaurateurs would say that the whole idea is too big, too costly and just plain crazy! But accepting limitations is not part of Heston’s DNA. As a teenager with no background or training in cooking, he decided food was to be his focus and at 18, after a truncated probation week at Raymond Blanc’s Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons in Oxfordshire (then considered one of Britain’s finest), decided he was going to teach himself and obsessively began reading, deconstructing, reconstructing and experimenting. “If you obsess over failure then you become scared, you don’t take risks and work becomes a tireless chore,” he says. “Failure does not exist in a truly creative world – failure is the opportunity to learn and discover.” A brave start In 1995, he opened The Fat Duck with only a month’s commercial kitchen experience and the result was a unique, multi-sensory experience that bent flavour and infused it with whimsy, alchemy and nostalgia that challenged tradition, technique and dining in general. Since then, Heston has gone on to rule the food world: The Fat Duck has held three Michelin stars for a decade; he opened Dinner By Heston that now has two stars; the one-starred The Hinds Head ; The Crown at Bray village pub and The Perfectionists’ Café . Outside the Michelin system, his restaurants have been voted best in the world and have remained in the upper echelons of the globe’s best 50 restaurants. He has created eight cookbooks, seven TV series, has been awarded an O.B.E. for his services to British gastronomy and been admitted to The Royal British Society of Chemistry as a fellow. A gentleman of the kitchen Blumenthal is one the most celebrated people of our time, but face to face, you get the sense that the trappings of fame hold no interest. He is warm, polite, respectful and engaging. So why does he have such an obsession with food? A clue to this riddle might lie in the fact that he has synaesthesia; a neurological anomaly in which the stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary stimulation of a second. In simple terms, Heston associates colours with letters and sounds with tastes. In Heston’s world, food and everything that comes with it, is something quite different and may explain why every dish at the Fat Duck is designed to go beyond sight, taste and smell. His Sounds of the Sea signature dish is a perfect example. It comes on a piece of glass suspended over sand and broken shells. A cloud of salt-water foam sits beside edible seaweed, abalone, clams, cockles and tapioca. It is served with a shell that contains an iPod and headphones that play the sound of waves crashing on a beach. It may sound like a strange thing to do; eat a lecithin-infused saltwater foam with seaweed while listening to the ocean. But the smells, the sound, the tastes and the interaction of each sense drags up memories and smells long forgotten. It’s almost like looking through a family photo album for the first time in 15 years. There is little doubt that Heston has changed the way we think about food and Australians love him for it. In the two months after the Fat Duck’s move to Australia was announced, 40,000 booking enquires were received and when a random ballot system was created at $525 per head, 250,000 punched their credit card details into the system, vying for just over 16,000 seats. So why Australia? “I love it here,” he says. “If I was going to open my first restaurant outside the UK, it had to be somewhere I actually wanted to go. Every time I land here, I feel like I can breathe. “And Aussies, when it comes to food, are incredibly open minded.” Heston’s affection for Australia extends beyond the people and the place to the quality of our ingredients. “I subsequently started discovering how much great produce there is here,” he says. “My favourite ingredients are definitely the truffles and the beef, but I’ve also been really lucky to try some of the indigenous ingredients, which can be quite tricky to work with because they have to deal with such extreme heat conditions. Also, some of the fish is amazing; fish and chips made from bass grouper are just fantastic – very gelatinous flavours. “One of my last trips was with a man called Josh who takes food tours. We picked abalone and rock oysters, cooking them straight from the water. That was fantastic and a great example of how food is so rooted in a time and place and how it has a strong connection with the land.” A vibrant future What also excites Mr Blumenthal is the future of food in Australia and how our multicultural diversity will allow our cuisine to evolve and develop without the boundaries that exist elsewhere.   “Australian culture is certainly young enough for fresh innovation, it’s very multi-cultural, very modern, very open minded and inquisitive. “These are all the things needed for creativity. I believe Australians have a real sense of pride in their past, a knowledge of their heritage, but Australia’s food history is too young to slip backwards. “One thing is for sure, it’s vibrant and exciting and completely delicious!” On the subject of dining and who he would like to have dinner with, dead or alive, his answer provides an insight into the depth of his inquisitive nature. “It would have to be the pre-human ape who was the first being to cook food on a fire,” he answers. “Eating cooked food has developed the human mind and made us who we are. There was almost a million years between discovering fire and cooking, after those million years, what happened? What did it taste like? I’d love to know, I’d like to have dinner with them and ask them.” The Australian version of the Fat Duck is now over, with the staff winging their way back for the northern hemisphere spring and the vacated space being prepped for a permanent version of the highly successful and more accessible Dinner by Heston Blumenthal. So if you missed out on getting a seat at the Fat Duck and want to experience and taste the world of Heston, then a trip to the Crown complex in Melbourne should be part of your next migration. Watch Selector’s exclusive video interview with Heston:
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