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Lindt chocolate

Lindt Excellence

Taste your way through the EXCELLENCE Cocoa Rates range to discover your perfect dark chocolate Lindt started a new chapter in chocolate with the launch of the Lindt EXCELLENCE range in 1989. After experimenting with cocoa percentages, the Swiss Master Chocolatier presented chocolate aficionados with the EXCELLENCE 70% Cocoa block of exquisite dark chocolate.

In 2021, Lindt is delighted to introduce the EXCELLENCE 50% Cocoa dark chocolate experience, designed especially for dark-chocolate connoisseurs-in-training. The launch of this new block takes the Lindt EXCELLENCE Cocoa Rates range to seven dark chocolate blocks: 50% Cocoa, the original 70% Cocoa, 70% Smooth Blend, 78%, 85%, 90% and 95% Cocoa. Cocoa percentage in chocolate refers to the amount of ingredients drawn from cocoa beans that were used to create it. Be that cocoa mass, cocoa butter, and sometimes a small amount of cocoa powder, these blend to create the unique colour and flavour. The higher the cocoa content the less of other ingredients, mainly providing sweetness, and the more flavour attribute of the cocoa beans that ‘shine’ through. Cocoa is a unique and incredibly complex ingredient made up of hundreds of flavour compounds. Just like wine and coffee, characteristics are influenced by terroir, the flavour profile of cocoa reveals different qualities depending on where the cocoa tree grows, what it draws from the soil, the water and environment, and how the beans are processed after harvesting at the plantation.

In fine quality chocolate you can discover roasted and nutty aromas, fruity tones, floral notes, hints of spice and even complex nuances such as vegetal and earthy notes, all from the cocoa.

As you would with a wine or coffee flight experience, we invite you to taste your way through the Lindt EXCELLENCE Cocoa Rates range – one square at a time. Think of the tasting exercise as a chocolate flight where you compare and contrast the differences, settling on a favourite by the end. Beverage pairing suggestions are also included to enhance the experience. Enjoy your journey into the delectable world of dark chocolate. Visit www.lindt.com for more information.



The perfect introduction to the world of fine dark chocolate. This new rate is designed especially for dark-chocolate connoisseurs-in-training. The block’s delicate cocoa flavour and subtle hints of vanilla provide a surprisingly soft, nuanced and creamy dark chocolate experience. Toffee notes add a touch of sweetness.


EXCELLENCE Smooth Blend 70%

Created with a balanced blend of specially selected cocoa beans to reveal a smooth, mild aromatic taste experience. Combined with the luxurious scent of vanilla, this velvety chocolate releases a bouquet of flavours that is milder and less intense than the illustrious EXCELLENCE 70% Cocoa.



This renowned 70% cocoa chocolate is aromatic and reveals intense, deep roasted cocoa flavours. With whole vanilla beans, hints of red fruit and dry cherry, this dark chocolate has a distinguished flavour that lingers on the palate. A stunning option for baking and cooking, providing a luxurious chocolate flavour to your recipes.



Discover the rich, full bodied taste of cocoa as it melts evenly on your palate. The decadently creamy melt gives way to a robust but skilfully balanced high percentage cocoa flavour with notes of rich, deep caramel, vanilla, roasted malt and subtle hints of elegant floral tones. A truly sophisticated dark chocolate for connoisseurs.



A fine dark chocolate with robust cocoa flavours that give way to hints of roasted coffee and delicate citrus notes. To fully appreciate this fine chocolate, we recommend that you break off a piece and allow it to gently melt on your palate to release the full range of flavours.



This full-bodied dark chocolate is rich yet smooth on the palate with an alluring, earthy aroma and profound cocoa flavour. To fully appreciate this masterpiece, we recommend you break off a piece and allow it to slowly melt in your mouth to release and savour the full range of flavours.



This luxuriously intense dark chocolate is rich and profound with a distinct depth of cocoa flavour, notes of dark caramel, roasted hazelnuts, smokiness and hints of coffee. Bold and sophisticated on the palate, this is one for dark chocolate devotees.


Lindt sources all their cocoa beans through our Cocoa Farming Program to have full traceability of their origin. They create our chocolate from bean to bar in-house, so they control every production step, ensuring the best quality chocolate. From the careful selection of cocoa beans, delicate roasting to highlight different flavours, then careful blending, refining and conching creates a truly special chocolate experience.

NOTES: Lindt’s new EXCELLENCE 50% Cocoa dark chocolate is available online, through Lindt Cafés and Shops, Woolworths and selected supermarkets across Australia.

Published on
23 Jul 2021


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