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Miso-marinated Beef Ribs with Sriracha Mayo and Mushrooms with Miso Butter

Lyndey Milan's Miso-Marinated Beef Ribs with Sriracha Mayo and Mushrooms with Miso Butter

Preparation time
10 minutes
Cooking time
160 minutes


½ cup (130g) red miso

1/3 cup (80ml) rice vinegar

1 tablespoon Dijon mustard

1 tablespoon grated ginger

4 garlic cloves, grated

¼ cup (60ml) extra virgin olive oil

1.6kg beef short ribs

1½ cups (375ml) beef stock or water

2 baby cos lettuce, halved lengthways, washed and drained

1 teaspoon tamari

Steamed rice, to serve (optional)


Sriracha mayo

½ cup (150g) Kewpie mayonnaise

2 teaspoons Srirarcha hot chilli sauce (or more to taste)


Mushrooms with miso butter

4 large portobello, shiitake or flat mushrooms

2 tablespoons (40ml) extra virgin olive oil

2 cloves garlic, finely chopped

Dried seaweed flakes, nori, konbu or furikake, to serve (see note)


Miso butter

3 tablespoons (60g) butter, diced, softened

1 ½ tablespoon Shiro miso (white miso)

1 ½ teaspoon finely grated ginger

1 ½ teaspoons (15ml) mirin


Miso-marinated beef ribs with sriracha mayo

1.Whisk together miso, rice vinegar, mustard, ginger, garlic and 2 tablespoons oil to form a paste. Smear on both sides of ribs, place in a ziploc bag and marinate for 30 minutes or overnight.

2. Pre-heat oven to 160ºC fan-forced. Bring ribs to room temperature. Place in a baking tray and pour over stock or water. Cover with foil and roast for around 2–2 ½ hours until tender. Remove from oven and roll in pan juices. Ribs can be prepared to this stage a couple of days prior to cooking, if desired.

3. For the Sriracha mayo: whisk mayo with the Sriracha in a small bowl.

4. Pre-heat BBQ to medium high. If ribs have been in fridge, return to room temperature. Place ribs on the grill side and cook for two minutes on each side until brown (longer if they are cold). Halfway through, add the lettuce, cut side up and drizzle with oil and tamari. Cook only until wilted, then turn briefly.

5. Serve ribs immediately, with lettuce, steamed rice (if desired) and sriracha mayo.

Lyndey’s note: If you can get Korean-style or flanken cross-cut ribs, there is no need to slow cook first. This is a thin cut, across the bones, so that each slice contains a few pieces of bone. For traditional beef ribs, there is no need to brown them before they go in the oven as they will be finished on the BBQ. You could also cook them in the pressure cooker the first time, for approx. 20 minutes.


Mushrooms with miso butter

1. Pre-heat oven to 200ºC (or BBQ to medium high).

2. Remove stems from mushrooms, chop finely and cook in a small pan with ½ tablespoon oil and garlic until golden and dry. Reserve.

3. Brush mushrooms all over with remaining oil. Place in a baking tray (or on pre-heated BBQ) and bake for 15 minutes. (On BBQ turn half way.)

4. Meanwhile combine miso butter ingredients with reserved chopped mushroom by mashing together with a fork.

5. To serve place mushrooms on serving plate, top each with a heaped tablespoon butter, sprinkle with seaweed and serve immediately.

Lyndey’s note: Seaweed or nori snacks are available in supermarkets and Konbu, dried kelp, is available from Japanese and Asian supermarkets, and also sometimes seaweed flakes. You can grind the sheets of nori or konbu up in a spice grinder to make sprinkles.

Wine match: Cabernet Merlot

Photography: John Paul Urizar, Styling: Michaela Le Compte, Food Prep: Wendy Tamplin

Preparation time
10 minutes
Cooking time
160 minutes