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Matching Wine with your Halloween Haul

Matching Wine with your Halloween Haul

Halloween is right around the corner and excitement is mounting, but who says it’s just for kids? With so many sweets lying around, you might as well make the most of it! Wine Selectors has created a colourful and delicious candy and wine pairing guide to help you get through your Halloween haul! 


Peanut Butter Cups

Peanut Butter Cups are smooth, chocolatey and absolutely delightful! You can never stop at just one. If you really want to treat yourself, pair it with an oaky, buttery Chardonnay. The high acid content of the Chardonnay will cut through the richness of the chocolate and leave you in a state of pure bliss all evening.

Pair with: Chardonnay

Red Frogs

Nobody can say they’ve gone through life without eating handfuls of Red Frogs. Chewing through the sweet gummy lolly is fun on its own, but it tastes even better when paired with a soft Pinot Noir. The red flavours complement each other, while the acid of the wine cuts through the chewy texture. It truly is a match made in candy heaven!

Pair with: Pinot Noir

Chocolate covered almonds

When it comes to chocolate covered almonds, it’s impossible to only eat a few. As it’s Halloween, we figure you deserve something delicious too, not just the kiddies. To make this an even more delectable treat, pour yourself a glass of Shiraz. The dark fruits and full-bodied flavour pairs well with the cocoa and almond, making for an unbeatable match.

Pair with: Shiraz

Sour worms

Sour Worms always hit the tastebuds with a bang! The mixture of sweet and sour notes is an enjoyable flavour journey, but can always be improved with a matching wine. This is where Pinot Gris comes in. This fresh and balanced vino goes particularly well with sweet and sour dishes, making this a winning combination for Halloween night.

Pair with: Pinot Gris


A bag of Skittles (or rainbows) is a colourful, fun type of candy enjoyed by young and old. For adults on Halloween night looking to relax and unwind, a bowl of Skittles paired with a Moscato is the combo you’ve been missing your entire life. Moscato will enhance the sweetness of the Skittles, leaving you with a sugar high that will last for hours.

Pair with: Moscato


“Have a break, have a KitKat” is an iconic phrase coined by the Nestlé company. Having a KitKat break is all well and good, but what about pairing it with a nice beverage? Tawny Port is the perfect match to this memorable treat. Fortified wines complement milk chocolate’s nutty flavour and help to enhance the overall chocolate notes.

Pair with: Tawny

Caramello Koala

Without question, caramel is a firm favourite on Halloween. Such a sweet concoction is best paired with more of a soft wine. Ergo, we present to you- Caramello Koala + Grenache. Mainly spicy with a hint of berry, this flavour profile complements the caramel and milk chocolate, creating a new range of taste sensations you’ll never want to end. Who knew Halloween as an adult could be so fun?!

Pair with: Grenache

Allen’s Strawberries & Cream

Something as popular as Allen’s Strawberries & Cream lollies needs no introduction. A staple favourite of the sweets economy, this sugary little treat goes down nicely with a fruit-driven wine. A vino like Gewürztraminer carries notes of lychee, pineapple, grapefruit and guava, and is the perfect companion to this Allen’s sweetie. Remember the saying- ‘fruity wines for fruity dishes’ and you’ll never go wrong.

Pair with: Gewürztraminer

Allen’s Pineapples

Allen’s Pineapples are already so sweet and delicious on their own; the matching wine needs to be light and only slightly sweet. This is where Chenin Blanc works a treat. With a similar weight to Riesling and Pinot Gris, this fruity number is a great pair for the Allen’s Pineapples sweet treats.

Pair with: Chenin Blanc


The only thing more fun than reading Fantale wrappers is finding the perfect wine to go with it! This hard, chewy sweet needs something intense, full bodied and most importantly, sweet. Therefore, a luscious Liqueur Muscat will be your best friend as you chew your way through your Fantale favourites! 

Pair with: Liqueur Muscat

For more fantastic food and wine pairings, check out our dedicated Wine Matching section. 

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