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Slow Cooked Recipes

Simple, rich and hearty, slow cooked recipes are winter’s medicine… especially when matched with a big, flavoursome wine.

Winter is the season of the one-pot wonder, a wonderfully hassle-free way to prepare a delicious, savoury meal that is ideal for families and good for the soul.

At Wine Selectors, we’re big fans of the rich flavours that develop over a number of hours on the stove, not to mention the delightful aromas that drift from the kitchen to fill the house on a cold winter’s day.

From slow cooked chicken, lamb shanks and beef, these recipes are versatile and flavour-packed. And, naturally, any slow cooked meal takes on another dimension when paired with a wine that complements its distinct qualities!



Healthy and bursting with flavour yet not heavy or overly rich, a classic Moroccan vegetable tagine is an absolute delight when enjoyed with medium bodied, unoaked white styles, thanks to their complementary textures. Richer style or aged whites like Riesling are also superb companions to this essential North African dish.

Wine Match: Fiano

Or: Aged Riesling or Vermentino (richer styles)



A French staple where the chicken is slow cooked in wine with mushrooms and other delectables (the name literally means rooster in wine), Coq au Vin is best matched with a light red or rich white for a pairing that – like the best slow cooked meals -  is so, so much greater than the sum of its parts. There’s a reason why French food is so beloved the world over, and for many it’s a romance that begins with Coq au Vin.

Wine Match: Chardonnay

Or: Pinot Noir, Rosé or Grenache



If ever there was a quintessential comfort food for the French, it’s Cassoulet. Originating in Southern France and named for its traditional earthenware cooking pot, the cassole, this warming stew of beans, sausage, duck, veggies and tomato is effortlessly elevated by Pinot Noir, but when paired with a generous white will certainly have you saying c’est delicieux!

Wine Match: Pinot Noir

Or: Chardonnay, Rosé or Nero d’Avola



An easy to make specialty of Lombard cuisine, Osso Bucco is an Italian slow food superstar packed with flavour, yet textural and complex, making it ideal to enjoy with wines that share similar attributes. Our suggestion? Go with medium weight, savoury reds for an optimal flavour experience.

Wine Match: Barbera

Or: Sangiovese or Tempranillo



A rich and relatively mild Thai curry that is such a delight its virtues were celebrated in an 18th century poem by the Prince of Siam, Massaman makes for a superb beef or goat slow-cooked meal of fragrant, medium intensity. Its deep flavours make it a perfect match with an all-rounder like Shiraz.

Wine match: Cool climate Shiraz

Or: Merlot or Grenache blends



A genuine slow cooker sensation, braised lamb shanks are a much-loved meal that lends itself to the more tannic red varieties, as the tannins give a nice and robust foundation to balance the fattier cuts of meat that are at the heart of this dish. For something a little different, try this North African take on the traditional lamb shanks.

Wine match: Cabernet Sauvignon

Or: Warm climate Shiraz or Malbec

Now, with all that said, everyone has their own preferences. In fact, one of life’s great joys is self-discovery! These are merely our suggestions, so feel free to experiment with your own flavour combinations to develop a sense of what you like and what you don’t. Not only will you learn a lot about how to pair wines with your own favourite slow-cooked meals, you’ll have a delicious journey along the way!

Still hungry?

Looking for more inspired pairings? Try our Essential Beef and Wine Pairing Guide. We’ve even got you covered with essential guides to wine and charcuterie pairings, chicken dishes, entrées, Greek dishes, and even the top wines to pair with pizza or chocolate

So, what are you waiting for? Set the slow cooker to low, pour a glass, and relax as your house becomes an aromatic wonderland!

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