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The Essential Beef and Wine Pairing Guide 2019

With Wine Selectors, it’s never been simpler to find great pairings of beef and wine.

When you think of winter food, what comes to mind? For us, it’s slow cooked meals, hearty and rich; it’s simple-to-prepare comfort foods, or big bold pastas and meaty pies. Nourishing and full-flavoured, beef becomes a star-performer over the winter months, both for its versatility and how readily it matches with a variety of wines, both red and white. 

Where’s the beef?

We know how much impact the fat content or type of cut can have on the palate when it comes to the wine. This handy guide has taken all the hard work out of worrying which cut to choose and what impact it will have on your palate. Instead, we’ve focused on getting you all set with these top flavour matches.

Let’s get started!



Good Mexican food is so hard to beat. Easy to prepare, fresh, exciting flavours, and a very good match for a diverse range of wines. Beef tacos in particular are a street food classic bursting with flavour and crunchy textures, and can be enjoyed with medium to fuller white varieties, Rosé, or light-to-medium reds. We’d advise avoiding the heavy reds, as they’ll likely overpower the flavour of your tacos.

Wine Match: Rosé

Or: Chardonnay or Pinot Noir



A classic, fragrant curry from West Sumatra with deep flavour that’s cooked together with spice paste and coconut milk until tender, before being fried to caramelise the beef for coating of epic flavour. We’ve always found that Shiraz proves an excellent all-rounder for when the heat factor ramps up a bit, but a Merlot would also be a worthy match as well.

Wine Match: Shiraz

Or: Merlot or GSM blends



Few things can beat the fragrance of a pot of garlic and wine-infused beef, simmering away on the stove for hours. A perennial favourite, this delicious, slow-cooked French classic shows deep and complex flavours best paired with a wine that shows similar attributes. For this reason, we like it with Pinot Noir, in order to create a flavour combination that’s more than the sum of its parts.

Wine Match: Pinot Noir

Or: Chardonnay or Nero d’Avola



This staple of Italian cuisine is a firm household favourite for a very good reason. Humble but deeply satisfying, this saucy meat-based dish is best enjoyed with a juicy, mid-weight red. So why not keep it in the famiglia by choosing one of Australia’s rising Italian varieties, Barbera?

Wine Match: Barbera

Or: Sangiovese or Tempranillo



Another winner for families across Australia, whether baked at home in an oversized dish or held in the hand while watching the big game the ubiquitous beef pie is hard to beat… unless it’s matched with a fleshy red – say, a GSM blend - to bring out its deep flavours, enhancing its savoury richness.

Wine match: GSM blends

Or: Shiraz or Merlot



With chefs like Heston ever seeking ways to improve upon perfection, it’s clear that the x-factor of the crispy outer ‘bark’ created by grills, ovens and barbeques continues to fascinate our lust for flavour. Beyond the char, the tender meat inside lends itself to a red variety with robust tannins – especially if using fattier cuts like ribs.

Wine match: Malbec

Or: Cabernet or Durif

Now, with all that said, everyone has their own preferences. In fact, one of life’s great joys is self-discovery! These are merely our suggestions, so feel free to experiment with your own flavour combinations to develop a sense of what you like and what you don’t. Not only will you learn a lot about how to pair wines with your own beef recipes, you’ll have a delicious journey along the way!

Looking for more inspired pairings? Try our Essential Tapas and Wine Pairing Guide, for a hit of Spanish flavours. We’ve even got you covered with essential guides to wine and salad pairings, seafood and wine pairings, vino and veggie matches, and even the top wines to pair with pizza or chocolate

So, what are you waiting for? Plate up, pour a glass, and enjoy!

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