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Top Takeaway Food and Wine Matches

Top Takeaway Food and Wine Matches

Your go-to-guide for the best takeaway food and wine pairings around.

What’s better than Takeaway food? Takeaway food with takeaway wine! It’s a classic case of 1+1 equals yum, and the range of choice available to you means you can stick to your favourites, or explore new combinations every time.

To help make a match that’s right for you, we’ve put together a bit of a primer on take out tastings that will help you take your takeaway from great to gourmet, from pizza to burgers and the flavours of the world. Let’s tuck in!


Some things in life are just meant to be. Like pizza and wine. Are you a Pepperoni lover? Pair it with a Sangiovese – the rich fruitiness of the wine will balance out the spice of pepperoni beautifully. For Meatlovers fans, you’ll need something bigger to match the fattiness of the meat, so go for Cabernet. Vegetarian pizza lovers aren’t left out either, with the gentle notes of citrus and herbs in unoaked Chardonnay proving an excellent pairing to complement the toppings.

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From sweet to sour, salty to spicy, we can’t get enough of the flavour explosion Thai food offers. Its diversity of flavour makes it an exciting cuisine to match wines with also, with many great combinations to explore. Take Pad Thai ­for instance – zesty whites with loads of yellow fruit depth, like Arneis or Fiano (even an aged Riesling) are just ideal. Maybe you prefer Thai beef salad? Then go for a dry, crisp wine with bright fruit freshness to complement the fragrant mix of chilli, herbs and crisp veggies. We recommend a dry Rosé, or Sauvignon Blanc.

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Vibrant. Exotic. Delicious. There’s a reason Indian is such a popular take out option, and no doubt you have a favourite near you. With its fragrant spices and seemingly endless variations, Indian can be a tricky cuisine to match with, but there’s no need to crack open a beer – we have some tips that’ll keep it simple! If you love butter chicken, you’ll need a medium weight white wine with good acidity to complement the creamy, rich and full flavour of the sauce. Try a Chardonnay, aged Riesling or Semillon. Or perhaps you like things a little spicier? Beef vindaloo is fiery and rich, so a wine that softens the heat is your best bet. Try Merlot or off-dry Rosé, and save the Cabernet for another time – wines that are rich in tannins will only accentuate the heat.

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There are few things as simply delicious as a burger. And the best way to make a burger better is with a gorgeous glass of wine. For the classic cheeseburger with tomato relish, go for a juicy mid-weight wine like a Grenache Shiraz Mourvèdre blend, or Merlot. Thinking vegetarian? The fresh, healthy and textural appeal of a potato and bean veggie burger with hummus can’t be beat when enjoyed with wines of similar crunchy, textural elements – try a Rosé, Sauvignon Blanc or Vermentino for best effect.

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Familiar and comforting, Chinese has been on the menu for Australian diners seemingly forever. And for good reason! Its variety and flavour are legendary, and offer a veritable world of wine pairing combinations to revisit, or discover anew. The classic beef and black bean stir fry for instance is rich yet quite sweet with some big flavours, so a spicy red with a savoury tannin structure – such as Shiraz, Sangiovese or Barbera – is perfect for all-round balance. If you’re more a sweet and sour pork sort of person, balance its assertive flavours with a fuller-bodied white variety with a bit of fruit weight and bright acidity, like Chardonnay, Verdelho or Arneis.

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Quick, simple and simply delicious, Takeaway sushi is a sure-fire delight. With so many unique flavours and different textures, it can be tricky to match with wine, but we’ve got you covered. The creamy, rich and raw fish of Nigri sushi/sashimi for instance finds its perfect match in a Riesling or Sparkling wine, while the depth and light sweetness of classic teriyaki chicken sushi finds its ideal pairing in a wine of extra flavour weight, like Pinot Noir or Pinot Gris.

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Who doesn’t love a taco or two? Mexican food has exploded in popularity for its fresh, zingy flavours. From chilli to beans, cheese and sour cream, this colourful cuisine offers a wealth of options that makes wine matching an exciting experience. With their lively spice and meaty richness, beef burritos pair deliciously with moderately rich reds like Tempranillo, Sangiovese or cool climate Shiraz – just avoid anything too heavy or tannic, as it will clash with any spice. Chase down a cheese quesadilla with a rich or textural white variety – Chardonnay or Fiano are our picks – or a velvety red to match the food’s stringy, cheesy goodness, like Grenache or Pinot Noir.

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Fish and Chips

Even as the weather cools and the beaches wind down, it’s hard to beat fish and chips for a first-class takeaway treat. Raise a toast to the fried goodness with wonderfully crisp and refreshing white wines guaranteed to make your catch of the day that much tastier! The best fish and chips are crunchy and textural, so go for a wine with zippy balancing acidity like a Semillon, Riesling or Sauvignon Blanc – also great matches for calamari rings. The rich and creamy flavours of potato scallops are ideal with a richer, textural wine style like a Chardonnay Verdelho or Fiano.

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Vietnamese is yet another world cuisine that Australians have embraced with open mouths, thanks to its fresh and fragrant flavours. With fewer dishes on the extra spicy side than other Asian cuisines, Vietnamese tends to be more about a delicate balance of flavours and textures. Here are some tips on how to enjoy it even more with these mouth-watering wine matches. The classic Vietnamese soup, Chicken Pho, is known for its rich, deep flavours, soft rice noodles and aromatic garnishes like chilli, pickled red onion, coriander, spring onions and lemon, making the natural minerality and high acidity of an off-dry Riesling the perfect complement. If you’re primed for some pork bao, match its soft, light textures with the counter crunch that a velvety Pinot Noir provides.

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Take your tastebuds to town with more great food and wine matches

As you can see, takeaway foods and take-out wine can bring the flavours of the world to your door. But the food and wine combinations don’t end there – check out our Food section on the Wine Selectors website, where you’ll find even more great matches for a range of home cooked meals, from slow cooked meals to banging barbeque combinations… we don’t know about you, but our stomachs are well and truly rumbling!

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