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Venison pie

Preparation time
Cooking time


  • 1kg venison leg, cut into 3cm cubes
  • 100ml canola oil
  • 1 onion, peeled and diced into 1cm cubes
  • 2 carrots, peeled and diced into 1cm cubes
  • 1 celery, peeled and diced into 1cm cubes
  • 4 cloves garlic, peeled and quartered
  • 200g chestnuts
  • 200ml red wine
  • 100ml port
  • 50ml Cabernet Sauvignon vinegar
  • 200g mushrooms, washed and quartered
  • 4 shallots, peeled and diced into 1cm pieces
  • 1 sprig thyme
  • 1 sprig rosemary
  • 1 bay leaf
  • 5 black peppercorns
  • 5 juniper berries
  • 2L veal stock
  • Sea salt

Shortcrust Pastry

  • 250g plain flour, sifted
  • ¼ tsp sea salt
  • Pinch sugar
  • 150g unsalted butter, diced
  • 1 egg, beaten
  • 1 tbsp milk


  • 1kg parsnips, peeled and quartered
  • 20ml canola oil
  • 50ml duck fat
  • 4 cloves garlic in skin, cracked
  • 25g unsalted butter
  • 2 sprigs rosemary
  • 1 sprig thyme
  • 2 tbsp clear honey
  • Sea salt
  • Ground pepper


  1. Pre heat oven to 170°C.
  2. Heat a large frying pan. Add ½ oil and brown meat. Place into an ovenproof container that’s large enough to fit all the ingredients.
  3. Add ½ remaining oil and add the vegetables to the frying pan and cook until golden, add to venison.
  4. Add remaining oil and colour the chestnuts lightly, add to venison.
  5. Add the remaining ingredients to the venison. Cover with foil or a lid and place into the oven.
  6. Cook until the venison is tender, about 2 hours.
  7. Remove from oven, pass off the stock into a pot and reduce, on the stove top, to a sauce consistency.
  8. Meanwhile, remove and discard the thyme, rosemary and bay leaf.
  9. Return the sauce to the venison and chestnut mix to create the pie filling. Chill until ready to use.
  10. Correct seasoning with sea salt.

Shortcrust Pastry

  1. Add sea salt and sugar to flour. Mix in butter to create a breadcrumb texture. Add egg to bring together and milk if needed. Rest. Chill.
  2. Take a pie dish about 28–30cm in circumference and fill with venison mix.
  3. Roll out pastry to ½cm thickness. Plate on top, crimping around the edges.
  4. Egg wash the top, a few times is good.
  5. Bake at 170°C for 30–40 minutes.


  1. Heat oven to 180°C.
  2. Heat a large frying pan and add oil.
  3. Add parsnips and season lightly. Cook until golden.
  4. Add duck fat and garlic, toss over and plate in oven.
  5. Cook for 10–15 minutes, tossing over every 5 minutes.
  6. Remove when cooked. Place on stove top. Add butter, herbs, honey and another light seasoning. Toss to coat.
  7. Remove from pan. Allow to rest for 5 minutes and serve.
Preparation time
Cooking time


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