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For the Love of Wine

For the Love of Wine

To enhance your love of wine, you need to carefully consider how you're storing wine and serving wine. Follow our guide to make every drop memorable for all the right reasons.


Enjoy Any Wine, a Glass at a Time with Winesave 

Winesave gives you peace of mind to open a bottle of wine if you would love to drink only a glass or two. And being 100% natural, it’s safe for both you and your wine.

Wine is a living, breathing thing and once you open it, the clock is ticking due to oxidation. So, what do you do you when you just want a glass or two? Or you’d love to open that second bottle but don’t really want to drink all of it? What about a glass of quality sparkling before dinner? Or you just want a taste of multiple wines without wasting any of them?

There are lots of wine preservation gadgets out there, but wine lovers have a simple and affordable solution that has proven successful to keep your wine fresh – days, weeks or even months depending on the age and fragility of your wine.


Winesave is the solution 

Winesave is a handheld canister containing high quality, food-grade argon gas that when dispensed into an opened bottle forms an inert barrier that stops spoilage from oxygen, without affecting the characteristics of the wine.
We breathe in argon with every breath, so it’s 100% natural, and is colourless, odourless, flavourless, and reacts with absolutely nothing. It’s also heavier than air.


Using Winesave 

Using Winesave is easy. Once you have poured your glass, simply insert the tube into the bottle and press for one second, then replace the cap, cork, or stopper. The argon settles on top of the surface of the wine, displacing the air containing oxygen and forms a protective layer over the wine.

When you are ready to enjoy the rest of that wine, simply pour the wine into your glass as usual, and the argon returns to the atmosphere from where it came.


Why Winesave?

Winesave has been around for over a decade and has protected over 10 million bottles of wine all around the world. It’s been independently endorsed by some of the world’s leading wine experts and is used by hundreds of wineries, bars and restaurants around Australia. It’s incredibly easy to use and very affordable per use as each Winesave PRO canister contains up to 150 applications, making Winesave our recommended tool for all wine lovers. 

For more info, stockists and purchasing go to winesave.com.au.


Wine Cabinets for Every Occasion at Harvey Norman

As wine care experts, Harvey Norman only offer the brands they know will take the very best care of your precious wine collection. Your wine collection is only ever going to be as good as the conditions you store it in. That’s why choosing a quality wine cabinet is so important. 

And quality is one of the three pillars that Husky cabinets stand on, along with reliability and overall excellence – no wonder they’re one of Harvey Norman’s most trusted brands! Started over 50 years ago in north-west England, Husky has grown from being a refrigeration servicing company to become a global leader in creating and developing world class refrigeration. 

Their wine cabinets are not only built to the highest standards, but they’re sleek and stylish too, fitting seamlessly with the look and feel of your home. Husky also pride themselves on being leaders in innovation, and their wine cabinets showcase a wealth of features that keep them at the top of their game. 


Keeping your wine in its prime with Husky wine cabinets 

Airflow is essential for ensuring the taste of your wine is preserved and any unwanted odours are eliminated. To ensure optimal airflow, Husky wine cabinets utilise an active carbon filter with triple ventilation system.

Temperature is another important consideration for preserving your wine collection. A constant temperature of around 12ºC to 14ºC is ideal and thanks to its digital temperature display, your Husky wine cabinet lets you adjust and monitor temperature levels easily. 

Did you also know you have to be sun-smart with your wines? Too much UV light can cause it to age prematurely, tainting its aromas and flavours. Husky have prevented this by fitting their wine cabinets with UV-coated glass doors and a blue LED internal light – which also saves on your energy bill! 

Vibration is another wine enemy, as it can cause chemical reactions that change the characters of your treasured drops. The solution? Husky wine cabinets feature an anti-vibration system with shock-resistant shelving for added stability.

You also want to ensure your wines are easily accessible, so you can select specific bottles without disturbing the whole collection – that’s where the telescopic and removable beech wood shelves in your Husky wine cabinet help. 


The Husky wine cabinet for you 

Are you just starting your collection, or have you been adding to your treasury of wines for years? Wherever you’re at, there’s a Husky wine cabinet to suit your needs. 

If you’re just starting out, the Husky 154L Dual Zone Wine Cabinet features a generous interior capacity that can hold up to 46 Bordeaux wine bottles, and a dual-zone variable temperature control, so you can keep your drinks chilled to the optimal temperature. For connoisseurs, the Husky Dual Zone Wine

Cabinet also comes in a 128-bottle capacity – and remember, a collection is designed to grow, so aim for the cabinet that will hold the collection you want, rather than the one you have!

Another great choice for connoisseurs, the 72 Bottle Single Zone Wine Cabinet provides a spacious and versatile solution for keeping your collection chilled and preserved to perfection.

Showcasing a sleek, black trim with a front vent, these cabinets will make a stylishly seamless addition to your home.


Designed for Wine Lovers, by Wine Lovers at Vintec 

Vintec’s five pillar promise guarantees that their wine cabinets will keep your wines at their best, while club vintec gives you access to a whole new world of wine enjoyment.

Born out of a common passion for wine between two French entrepreneurs, Vintec was developed as a climate-controlled, all-encompassing wine storage solution for wine lovers, aficionados and wine professionals. Laurent Ducourneau, a native Bordelaise wine importer, and banker Jean-Marie Simart engaged Danish designers and manufacturers to introduce a range of stylish and functional wine preservation systems and Vintec was born.

Now a global brand, Vintec is a leading specialist in climate-controlled wine storage. Whether it be for a walk-in cellar up to 4000 bottles, a built-in kitchen cabinet for 300 bottles, or a stylish feature to a living room or study, Vintec has all options covered. What’s more, it is recommended by the most respected wine critics, architects and interior designers.

Vintec is uncompromising when it comes to helping wine lovers get the most out of their wine. To that end, they have employed five pillars that are built into every product to ensure wine can be enjoyed at its best for many years to come.


Premium Cabinets + New Range

As avid wine lovers, Vintec understand that a collection can be the expression of a passion for wine and can encapsulate treasured memories for any wine lover. They are as diverse as the regions, varietals and vintages that compose them. Subsequently, they have a great variety of bottle shapes and sizes, which  often don’t fit comfortably in most standard cellar racks.

This is why Vintec has raised the bar with a new premium range designed to store entire wine collections, comfortably fitting most bottle types – even Champagne. These cabinets; the already released VWM198 and the soon-to-be released VWM306 are designed to fit 198 and 306 bottles respectively.  


Practical Innovation

The new Vintec Premium range also includes Perfect Cradle Shelving, a brand new shelving system to fit all types of bottles from Champagne to Riesling and Magnums that are fully extendable, reversible and telescopic. This innovative, wide slat shelving allows you to optimise storage space, and provides easy access and visibility to all bottles, meaning you can set up your collection as a showcase. The new Vintec Premium range also includes multi-temp setup zones that enable you to store your varietals at the perfect serving temperature. 

Design has also become a new focal point with each new cabinet including sleek Touch-Sensitive Control Panel, Soft Top-to-Bottom Customizable LED Lighting and Acid-Etched Fingerprint-Proof Door Finish. Made in Europe, with a modern Scandinavian-inspired design, the Vintec New Premium Range of Climate-Controlled Wine Cabinets will protect your prized collection for the short and long term.

Another great innovation is OENO by Vintec; a virtual cellar management app – free on iOS/Android – that can be used by any wine lover who wants to effortlessly keep track of their wine collection. With OENO, users can create an exact virtual replica of their wine cellar(s), scan and identify their bottles and log them in their correct location. It keeps track of which bottles you have, as well as where you keep them. 


The Vintec Community

As true wine lovers, Vintec understand that wine is best explored with others, so they developed the Vintec Club, an alliance for owners of Vintec wine cellars – by purchasing any cellar you are entitled to lifetime membership. The Vintec Club gives members access to tastings, events, exclusive wine offers, education, privileged access into the Scotch Malt Whisky Society and more.

And speaking of education, Vintec has joined forces with experienced sommelier, international wine consultant and co-owner of restaurant Legacy Records in NYC, Swedish-born Arvid Rosengren. As well as sharing his knowledge on caring for wine, Arvid will create exclusive content for the Vintec Club, including tips on how to start and maintain a collection, addressing serving myths and sharing expert recommendations on wines to buy, drink and collect.

For more info, head to vintec.com.


Cellarack Solutions 

Cellarack can bring your wine cellar dream to life.

Building a cellar in your home is the ultimate expression of your love of wine. If you love wine, love collecting and want to enjoy it to its fullest, instead of locking it in a cabinet or a box under the stairs, a built-in cellar is the way to go. 

Regardless of your space, big or small, the decisions are the same with many creative options and pathways to pursue. But ultimately these decisions are connected and critical to getting the most out of your available space to ultimately protect and enjoy your investment in a fine wine collection. 

Design decisions, racking choice, cooling and humidity control, and installation are all major elements to this equation and very few businesses offers all of these services under one roof. 


Ultimate design experience 

When designing, fitting and constructing cellars, Cellarack, designed and manufactured in Australia, is the ultimate choice of a partner to help bring your cellar dream to life. From vineyard cellar doors, to retail, to the home environment, Cellarack has been building show-stopping cellars for over 30 years and has the experience and the solution for every step of your cellar journey. 

Cellarack is unique in that the team looks at the needs of a cellar to be as much about ‘protection’ of a significant investment in time and money as it is a ‘place’ where the full enjoyment and appreciation of that investment can be realised and shared. 

When it comes to design, be it for space-efficient storage, protection and personal enjoyment all the way to the creation of a formal part of the home with a ‘wow’ factor, the team at Cellarack use their accumulated experience to deliver a solution that suits individual priorities, budget, space and energy efficiency needs. 


Vast racking solutions 

Racking choice is the foundation of any cellar build and Cellarack can offer more flexibility than any supplier in Australia. From polished timber joinery with interchangeable modular storage components, to reinforced mesh racking, all the way to elegant tubular and powder-coated steel, strip racks, modular bins and stacking systems, Cellarack has every racking solution covered. 


Cool protection

Environmental control: cooling and humidity is another critical part of the puzzle and Cellarack offers a wide range of manufactured ‘WineMaster’ cellar cooling solutions created by French cooling maestros Fondis. From invisible ceiling units to door-mounting, to through-the-wall units and split systems, all with an eye to visual discretion, Cellarack has the right solution. 

To start the process of bringing your cellar fantasy to life, visit cellarack.com or call Jenni Willliamson on (03) 9587 2282. 


Liebherr: 10 Reasons Why 

Built on quality, design and innovation, there are many reasonsto own a Liebherr wine cellar – here are 10 of the best! 


1.Liebherr wine cellars feature shelving made from natural untreated beech wood. This ensures no unwanted odours and reduces vibration during the maturation process. Holding up to a generous 25kg per shelf, you can rest assured wine will be cradled securely. Selected models also feature a presentation shelf for storage of open bottles or display prized vintages.

2. The way in which wine continues to mature depends on the ambient conditions. The quality of the air is decisive for preserving wine. For this reason, an activated charcoal filter is fitted in all Liebherr wine cellars. Some wine cellars feature an activated charcoal filter within each zone.

3. To prevent wine from being disturbed and aid in the long-term preservation of wine, the compressor is mounted on ‘isolation blocks’ designed to absorb vibrations.

4. Liebherr wine cellars feature lights which switch on when the door is opened. Selected models also feature dimmable LED lighting. The interior lighting can be switched on or off via the light button located on the electronic control panel. Style of lighting (spot, strip or vertical) and type of lighting (LED or bulb) varies depending on the model.

5. Should the wine cellar door be left open inadvertently or if there is a slight change in temperature within the wine cellar, a warning alarm will sound to safe guard the wines. The alarm can be switched off via the electronic control panel.

6. Selected Liebherr wine cellars feature beech wood hand crafted shelves mounted on telescopic rails, making wines easily accessible for viewing and selection. Available as an optional extra when not supplied with the unit.

7. Liebherr wine cellars have tinted, double or triple glazed glass doors which prevent harmful ultraviolet rays causing unwanted reactions in wine and discolouration 
of labels.

8. The child proof controls are designed to protect the appliance from being switched off accidentally and can be activated or deactivated via the electronic control panel.

9. Selected Liebherr wine cellars are fitted with a lockable door to further protect your investment. The key lock is fitted with an additional safety mechanism, whereby upon inserting the key, additional pressure on the springloaded key lock must be applied before the key can be turned. Consequently, it makes it harder for little hands to gain access to prized possessions.

10. Selected Liebherr wine cellars feature a presentation shelf to store open wine bottles or display prized vintages. When not in use it folds back down to create a normal storage shelf.
Made with precision German engineering and attention to detail, there’s a Liebherr wine cellar that’s perfect for you, visit home.liebherr.com.au to find out more.


Harvey Norman - Your wine care experts 

Visit your local Harvey Norman Store to check out the Husky Vino Pro range today. Harvey Norman’s friendly and knowledgeable staff will help find the perfect Husky wine cabinet to suit your space, your lifestyle and your delicious wine collection. 




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