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Selectors Taste of Italy Special

Join Selector and friends as we celebrate the makers of fine Italian-style wines and more in this tribute to one of the great food and wine nations of the world.

Italy. It's people, its wine, its food and the culture that comes with them have had a profound impact on the culinary lifestyle of modern Australia. It's easy to see, and it s even simpler to understand why. Italy is a land of irresistible, breathtaking landscapes, rich history, and vibrant culture beckoning people from around the globe to its shores. Its long revered, world class cuisine and legendary wines hold a special place in the hearts and palates of food and wine enthusiasts everywhere. 

From the rolling hills of Tuscany to the bustling streets of Rome, each region offers a tantalising array of flavours and traditions that captivate the senses and nourish the soul. What makes Italy so beloved and enduringly appealing? Perhaps it s the passion and reverence for food and wine that permeates every aspect of Italian life. From the humblest trattoria to the grandest Michelin starred restaurant, meals are more than mere sustenance - they are a celebration of life, love, and community. Then there s the artistry and craftsmanship of Italian winemakers, who coax magic from sun kissed vines and transform grapes into liquid gold to delight and inspire. 

Italy’s influence extends far beyond its borders, shaping and enriching culinary landscapes around the world, including Australia. It was in the early 19th century when Italian immigrants first brought their winemaking traditions to Australian shores and planted the seeds of what would become a thriving wine industry. Over time, Italian varietals such as Sangiovese, Nebbiolo, and Barbera found a new home in the sun drenched vineyards of Australia, adding depth and diversity to the country’s wine offerings. 

But it s not just about wine - Italian cuisine has also left an indelible mark on Australia s food identity. From wood fired pizzas to handmade pasta dishes bursting with flavour, Italian inspired fare has become a staple of Australian dining culture, beloved by locals and visitors alike. The marriage of fresh, quality ingredients with simple yet exquisite preparation techniques has elevated Australian cuisine to new heights, thanks in large part to the influence of Italian gastronomy. 

Join us and our partners as we celebrate the essence of Italy, and the people who have helped shaped who we are. Grab a glass and walk with us as we meet those who have helped us appreciate and celebrate life s simple yet delicious pleasures. Let's raise that glass to Italy’s enduring legacy and the vibrant tapestry of flavours it has woven through the fabric of Australian food and wine culture. Salute!  


Luigi Bormoli Taste of Italy glasses

Wine glasses being fired in furnace.

Luigi Bormoli Taste of Italy glassware

Glassware being shaped by hand.

Imagine cradling a product so exquisitely crafted, it feels like an heirloom passed down through centuries. We’re not just talking of wine here, which itself is the product of love and labour over decades - we’re talking wine held in a vessel imbued with artistry and craft dating back to the 14th century. 

That’s the experience that awaits every wine lover with Luigi Bormioli. A testament to the Italian spirit, each piece has been fired in the furnaces of Italian passion, shaped by artisanal hands, imbued with the legacy of over 25 generations of glassmakers. It’s artistry for your table: unmatched clarity with brilliant, shining lead-free crystal that showcases the seductive hues of your favourite Australian or Italian varietal, be it Shiraz or Nebbiolo; exquisite designs crafted to enhance the specific aromas and characters of every wine and style of wine, whether it’s Chardonnay or Fiano; and superior durability, resistance to chipping and scratching, and dishwasher safe, providing enjoyment for years to come. 

There’s no better testament to the efforts of the Italian families who came here to till Australian soils and help shape the story of this nation’s wine, elevating it to world status. No better tribute to the pioneers of the Riverina, of King Valley, of any number of Australian wine regions transformed by the Old World know-how brought to these shores by Italian farmers and vintners. 

And with a wide selection of glassware to enhance the specific characteristics of every grape varietal, from delicate reds like Pinot Noir or Barbera, to bold Cabernet Sauvignon and Sagrantino, or lighter fare like a savoury Prosecco or a vibrant Moscato, Luigi Bormioli puts the love of vine and la dolce vita right in the palm of your hand so you can savour every sip.  


Explore the full range of Luigi Bormioli glassware at selected specialist retailers today.  


Trimboli Taste of Italy

Trimboli Wines, Sampling from the barrel.

Trimboli Family Wines continues the generational legacies of Italian winemaking in Australian style.  From the small quantities of grapes grown by his grandparents in Reggio, Calabria to the ‘Little Italy’ and vineyards of post-war Griffith, New South Wales, Salvatore Trimboli - Sam, to his friends - understands the essence of family winemaking, Italian-style. “I have traditional winemaking in my blood that was inherited by birth,” he says. “My aim has been to use Italy’s traditional varietals to create wines that suit the new world Australian winemaking.” 

To that end, Trimboli Family Wines produces a range of Italian varietals that thrive in our soils and climate. Among them is Vermentino, which the Trimboli family were among the first to plant in Australia. The Saverio Vermentino for instance, named for Sam’s father and available exclusively through Wine Selectors, is fresh and crisp with zesty citrus fruits, dry and saline in the manner of the best Vermentino. 
Similarly, the Saverio Sangiovese is full-bodied with cherry and blackberry flavours and deftly balanced acidity, a welcoming wine that expresses beautifully the ‘Blood of Jove’ for which the varietal is named. 

Sam has also used a classic Italian grape as the base for the Marie Montepulciano Rosé: fresh, light and crisp, with a subtle minerality that makes it an exemplar of the style, and the Italian approach to wine. 

“Traditional wines from Italy tend to be lighter bodied, lower in alcohol with more acidity and unique aromas,” he explains. “I want to capture all that goodness of Old World varietals, but with a twist using New World winemaking to create wines that are full of richness and flavour.” Anyone who has enjoyed a Trimboli wine, in a very real sense, has benefitted from that innovative approach. 

With over 50 international medals and 500 Australian medals to his name, Sam’s vision and mission has paid dividends not just for the winery that bears his family’s name, but for Australian wine lovers who get to enjoy the fruits of his labours - and the legacy of his forebears.  What better way to honour that legacy than with a bottle of Trimboli wine, served at a table laden with food, in the company of the ones you love?  


Discover where Old meets New in the Italian varietals of trimbolifamilywines.com.au    


Sala Coffee Taste Of Italy

Olio Lamantea Olive Oil.

Sala Coffee Taste Of Italy

Sala Caffe Italian Coffee Beans.

Sala Caffe Co is a testament to Italian heritage and craftsmanship. Our selection, from esteemed coffee brands like Caffe Giordano and Caffe Ottavo to the velvety Apulian Olio Lamantea olive oil, reflects our dedication to family values and tradition. Infuso Natura's sun-ripened jams and Te@Espresso's eco-conscious capsules offer a sensory journey. With each sip of Caffe Giordano's Espresso or drizzle of Olio Lamantea's Olive Oil, experience a voyage that transcends boundaries, weaving the rich tapestry of Italian culture. Sala Caffe Co stands not just as a purveyor of goods but as a curator of experiences, where cherished moments with family and friends are crafted to last a lifetime.  


Join us on this journey at www.salacaffe.co.  


Sam Miranda Wines Taste of Italy

Winemaker Sam Miranda with Daughter Allegra.

The long legacy of Italian vino lives on at Sam Miranda King Valley.  There’s little doubt that the story of Australian wine would be the poorer were it not for the arrival of Italian families on our shores in the mid-20th century. Fleeing the uncertainty of their homelands to establish new lives, countless immigrants grafted their cultures and their know-how to the as-yet-young vines of this country, yielding the riches we all enjoy today - across food, wine, and hospitality itself as a way of life.

Among them was a young Francesco Miranda, landing in regional Griffith, New South Wales from Southern Italy in 1938. Known to the generations that followed as ‘Pop’, it was his understanding that love for family, close friends and good wine were of paramount importance in life that would form the foundations of a wine empire that, today, is entering its fourth generation. 

From Francesco to his son Sam (who would also be ‘Pop’), to Sam Jr., the Miranda name has continued as the embodiment of Italian conviviality and winemaking, with Sam the younger immersed in winery operations since his school days. Even after graduating in finance and a decade as a stockbroker, Sam Jr. felt the persistent call of the vines - so much so, that at the age of 26 he left the world of finance behind to study Wine Science.

“Our family have been making wine since the 1930s, so it’s always been in my veins,” says Miranda. “It wasn’t until I turned 25 that I decided to come back to the industry and start at the bottom.” Twenty years on, the Miranda name shines brighter than ever.


Driven by a desire to honour his family heritage, Miranda would take his newly-earned knowledge to blaze a new path for the family name, with Sam Miranda King Valley, in the Victorian high country, while continuing the family tradition of producing wines of timeless Italian styles, crafted for everyday enjoyment.

The skills imparted by his father, and his Italian heritage, inform every action Miranda undertakes at the winery. “It’s definitely come out more the older I get, and I’ve started to embrace the whole Italian lifestyle in everything I make and do,” Miranda laughs - right down to the quarter-acre vegetable garden that supplies the winery’s restaurant.

Naturally, it also presents in the varietals Miranda specialises in, and enjoys at home - Italian staples like Pinot Grigio, Arneis, Sangiovese, and of course, the Prosecco that in many ways has become a signature not just of Sam Miranda King Valley, but of King Valley itself. Now, with daughter Allegra commencing her own studies in Wine Science, her first vintage under her belt, the future for the Miranda name is looking molto bene indeed.


Explore more about Sam Miranda's family wines at sammiranda.com.au  


Mario Tours A Taste Of Italy

Mario Del Grosso.

Sacra di San Michele A Taste Of Italy

Sacra di San Michele, Piedmont.

Join Mario Del Grosso for an exclusive cultural immersion tour in Northern Italia. 

An experienced international guide, Mario has designed this itinerary specifically using his personal contacts to enable a level of access that few other tour groups would enjoy.

The term ‘cultural immersion’ accurately captures the essence of this tour. Mario’s passion for art and the Piedmont region resulted in a comprehensive itinerary with an attention to detail. Mario’s desire to share his love of this area of Italy, couple with the company of some wonderful local residents made this a truly exceptional tour.

- Joanna McIntyre (September/October 2019 tour)

Book early for the September/October 2024 tour now to avoid missing out.

17 days // Rivoli/ Turin/ Piedmont, Northern Italia.   

Further information // email mario@mpdghairstudio.com.au or call 0410 308 820 for more information, the full itinerary or to book your place. 

Places are limited as the group size will not exceed ten people.

Price includes:

+ Return economy flights  

+ Accommodation for the duration of the trip, breakfast included  

+ Passes to museums including Castello di Rivoli, Museo Egizio and Sacra di San Michele  

+ Taxes, insurance and private transfers.

Bookings are also available for 2025 tours.


Casella Family A Taste Of Italy

Casella Family.

John Casella A Taste Of Italy

John Casella, Yellow Tail Wines.

As the well-known refrain goes, from little things, big things grow and nowhere is that more evident than in the story of Casella Family Brands, Australia’s largest family-owned wine company. When Filippo and Maria Casella first landed in Yenda, New South Wales from Sicily in 1957 with a dream to build a winery, there’s no way they could have imagined the heights that their middle son, John, would take their endeavour to.  

The year is 1995. The family winery has grown since its founding in 1969 with its first vintage, but it would be John’s appointment as managing director of the family business that would change everything. Within three years, his introduction of the [yellow tail] label to the family’s winemaking output would radically reshape not only their fortunes, but the story of Australian wine itself.  

By 2003, [yellow tail] would be in glasses around the world, with global sales of five million cases - a decade later, in 2013, a billion bottles had been produced: approximately 10 billion glasses of [yellow tail], enjoyed around the globe.  



The success of [yellow tail] was just the beginning, in many ways. Driven by its passion for showcasing Australian regional winemaking excellence on a global scale, the Casella family has continued to grow the profile of Australian wine here and overseas by welcoming into its fold iconic, premium brands like Peter Lehmann Wines, Morris of Rutherglen, Brand’s Laira, Baileys of Glenrowan and more.

The result is an extraordinary portfolio of Australian wine delivering quality and value for all manner of wine lovers. What’s more, the Casella family have expanded into other beverages favoured by Australians when it comes to entertaining as well, notably beer and spirits, with the founding of the Australian Beer Company in 2013 and Copper & Grain in 2016.

Add to this the family’s commitment to innovation and sustainability, and you have the kind of pioneering, forward thinking attitude that Australia’s wine industry was born from - all built on a family dream, hard work, and a dash of vision. Now that’s worth a toast. Bravo! 

Explore the extraordinary story of Casella’s success at casellafamilybrands.com 


Published on
13 Jun 2024


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