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How Long Does a Wine Last once it has been opened?
If you’re like us and love good wine, there’s little chance of a bottle lasting long enough to risk losing its drinkability. If you do find yourself with an opened bottle or two at the end of an evening, this hint & tip video will help to make the most of those delectable drops before they’re spoiled. View our video tip below or click here to read full Selector article.
What is the perfect cellaring temperature?
It’s heartbreaking to open a bottle of wine only to find it has deteriorated or is no longer drinkable due to poor cellaring. Get it right and you’ll enjoy great wine every time!
When can a wine be called organic?
With a rise in the number of people practicing conscious consumption, and a desire on the part of growers and winemakers to experiment and embrace more sustainable techniques, organic wines are becoming more and more mainstream. View this video tip to find out what makes wine organic.
How to spit like a pro
While your mum has taught you that it’s definitely not socially acceptable to spit, tasting wine is one exception. So, pucker up, get ready to purse your lips and learn how the pros produce a perfect stream that hits the spittoon spot on every time!
Can you chill red wine?
Serving red wine with a little bit of chill often enhances the fruit, rounds out the tannins and will help make the alcohol level more seamless. Lighter reds with bright acidity and those made from thinner-skinned grapes like Pinot Noir really benefit from some time in the refrigerator.
What is better, cork or screw cap?
To pop or crack – discover traditional versus more modern methods of keeping your wine in mint drinking condition.
Can a teaspoon help preserve Sparkling wine?
We’ve all done it – popped a teaspoon in the top of a bottle of Sparkling once we’re done so we can enjoy its bubbles again later. But does it actually work? Adam busts the myth in the video above.
How important is my glassware?
A good wine deserves a good glass to serve it in, and when it comes to glassware for you wine, your options are almost endless. Watch now for one glassware tip that will serve you well no matter the wine or occasion!
Should I try blended wines?
Sure, it can be hard to beat a really good example of a single-variety wine. But branching out and exploring blends can reward you in spades… and may just dispel forever the somewhat out-dated notion that blends aren’t worth your time, as Adam explains.
What are the benefits of ageing wine?
Some wines really do reveal themselves as entirely different beasts after a bit of time in the cellar. Discover the elemental magic of why it’s worth popping that bottle away in a safe place for a little (or a long) while, with the video above.
What is a fortified wine?
We’ve all enjoyed a small, delicious glass of tawny from time to time after a rich meal or dessert, but what is it that makes fortified wine different to regular wines? Watch now to find out.
What is a sweet wine?
Luscious and full of flavour – and often referred to as dessert wines – Adam explains the essential qualities of sweet wines, when to enjoy them, and why they’re one of the most delicious styles around.
When can a wine be called vegan?
What exactly is a vegan-friendly wine? It all comes down to how they’re made. Learn how winemakers are able to craft wines that you can serve without a second thought at your next vegan spread.
Why does my wine smell like blueberries?
Have you ever wondered why it is that your wine displays a certain aroma or flavour? Learn how winemakers and wine show judges identify and use aromatic and flavour descriptors when describing the character and quality of a wine, with this brief explainer.
Does a heavy bottle mean higher quality wine?

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