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Wine Games

Wine Games Galore

With the current limitations on going out, coming up with ideas to keep the home-based fun alive can be a challenge.

So, to ensure you and your socially distancing friends and family can enjoy hours of entertainment, here are some of our favourite wine games, and games you can play while enjoying a delicious drop of vino.

From wine trivia and wine bingo to a fun wine tasting, it’s time to let the games begin!



Gather your friends (if you can) and put your collective wine knowledge to the test with a wine tasting game.

It’s all about bringing that cellar door tasting experience to your home and enjoying good wines and good times. There are no rules to the type of tasting you hold, but a cheese platter, tasty snacks or dinner make it all the more enjoyable.

So, how do you make a wine tasting game? Besides, the wines of course, you’ll also need:

  • Wine glasses – white or red wine glasses depending on the wine being tasted
  • Covers – to disguise the wine bottles
  • Water – supply still or sparkling water to cleanse the palate between wines
  • Spittoons – in case some guests don’t want to drink the wine once tasted
  • Snacks – to cleanse the palate. Plain water crackers, breads, olives and cheeses are perfect
  • Pens and note pads – to complete your tasting notes
  • Friends – from two to ten friends, the options are endless

How do you play a wine tasting game?

  1. Disguise the wines – put the wines in bottle covers and mix them around so no one knows which is which and number the bottles. We suggest tasting up to four wines each session. Once you’ve assembled the glasses, bottles and the extra bit and pieces, there’s really one thing left to do – enjoy the tasting.
  2. Taste – now for the best bit. Pour a wine into the corresponding numbered glass for each player. Announce the theme and let the tasting begin.
  3. Make notes – thinking about the colour, aromas and taste, each player should jot down their thoughts on their tasting sheet.
  4. Mingle – reveal and discuss each wine, reading out your tasting notes, remembering there is no absolute right or wrong. Re-set and start again.

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Everyone loves a game of bingo, but wine bingo is even better!

How do you play wine bingo?

  1. Create a bingo card by placing a different variety of wine in each square – e.g.Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Pinot Noir, Shiraz, Cabernet etc.
  2. To play, conduct a blind tasting (the bottles are disguised/covered) with each player placing a token on the square of their bingo sheet they think matches each sample of wine.
  3. When someone gets ‘bingo’, check to see if their tastes were on-point and they’ve tasted correctly.
  4. Make the game even more fun by having a prize for the winner.

You can purchase bingo cards from Etsy here!
Download and print for free online here, or get creative and make your own.


Take the challenge and test your wine knowledge – with so much to love and learn about wine, it’s game on.

How do you play wine trivia?

  1. Create a list of wine facts, then over dinner or a delicious cheeseboard, bring out your list of trivia to challenge your friends.
  2. Depending on the number of questions (15 to 20 is a good number) give your guests about ten minutes to answer. Then have guests switch sheets to score.
  3. Question by question, get general comments and prospective answers, then reveal the correct answer.
  4. The guest with the most correct answers wins a wine related gift.

You may be one of our lucky Members who has our Wine Selectors Vino Victory wine trivia game, otherwise, here are some suggested categories and questions to get you inspired.


Q. Cabernet Sauvignon was originally made from a crossing which two grape varieties?

A. Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon Blanc. The cross dates back to 17th century France. In Australia it loves cool to moderate climates like Coonawarra and Margaret River.

Q. What varietals make up a GSM?
A. Grenache, Shiraz and Mourvèdre. It’s a time-honoured southern Rhône

blend that’s becoming more and more popular in Australia.

Q. What is the most common red varietal grown in Australia?

A. Shiraz. Over 30% of plantings in Australia are dedicated to Shiraz which also happens to be Australia’s most popular red varietal.


Q. Is Australia the A) 3rd B) 5th or C) 7th largest wine producer in the world?

A. B) Australia is the 5th largest wine producer and the largest in the Southern Hemisphere (although it vies with Argentina for both positions from year to year.

Q. How many official wine regions are there in Australia?

A. 65. Each has its own unique topography, geography, climate and soils.

Q. Where is Australia’s oldest vineyard?

A. Barossa Valley. Langmeil’s Freedom Vineyard was planted in 1843.


Q. There are four different sizes of wine barrels. Name one.

A. Octaves (100 litres), barriques (225 litres), hogshead (300 litres) and puncheons (500 litres).

Q. Which wine variety has the longest maturation on oak?

A. Cabernet Sauvignon. A long maturation period of 12 to 24 months in new French oak is quite common for Australian Cabernet.

Q. Does the colour of an ageing wine get lighter or darker in the bottle?
A. As a wine ages in the bottle, reds become lighter in colour, while whites become darker.


Q. What does the word ‘body’ mean when describing a wine?

A. Body refers to the weight and consistency in the mouth due to alcohol and fruit.

Q. Why should you swirl a glass of wine before you taste it?

A. Swirling the wine is not just for fun. It helps to release the wine’s aromas.

Q. Is a cork or screw cap better for ageing wine?

A. Screw cap. Under screw cap a wine can’t be ‘corked’. It’s important for varietals that benefit from ageing. Bottled under cork, they often suffer oxidisation.



Make up your own rules, have fun, and if you can’t be together, hosting a virtual games night is a great alternative to having everyone in the same room.

Whichever game you choose, enjoy yourself with your favourite Aussie wine in hand, and please remember to drink responsibly!

Published on
29 May 2020


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