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Reviews, tastings and traipsing wine regions around the globe

Wine News
Yalumba’s Magic
9 May 2016
In celebration of the Yalumba Galway Vintage Malbec 2012 being the Wine Selectors Wine of ...
Dream Vertical With Tahbilk
6 May 2016
For a century and a half Tahbilk has owned a special part of the wine landscape. Selector ...
Wine News
Who makes my wine?
28 Apr 2016
At least one in six bottles sold in Australia is owned by a supermarket chain. But you’d n ...
Sauvignon Blanc
Wine Varietals
Australian Sauvignon Blanc in the spotlight
22 Apr 2016
It originated in France, and was made popular by New Zealand wine marketers, but Sauvignon ...
Wine Regions
Intellectual property
8 Apr 2016
There’s something remarkably special in the hills outside of Canberra. With a truly unique ...
Biodynamic winemaking
Wine 101
Biodynamic – going beyond organic
5 Apr 2016
If someone told you that filling a cow’s horn with dung and planting it at a certain phase ...
Margan Wines in the Hunter Valley
Wine News
Margan Wines turns 20!
5 Apr 2016
Having been named the Hunter’s Viticulturist of the Year in 2015, Andrew Margan is celebra ...
Taylors Wines
Wine News
Talking with Taylors
5 Apr 2016
In celebration of the Taylors Merlot 2014 being the Wine Selectors Wine of the Month for A ...
Sulphates in Wine
Wine 101
Preserving the truth on sulphates in wine
5 Apr 2016
There are many myths abounding about the effects of preservatives in Australian wine. We a ...
10 strange but true wine descriptors
Wine 101
10 strange but true wine descriptors
5 Apr 2016
These strange, but true, wine descriptors are actually all aromas you could find wafting f ...
SA Wine Regions
Wine Regions
South Australian Wine Regions
23 Mar 2016
Explore the South Australia regions that are keeping Australia on the world wine stage.
Wine 101
How to read an Australian wine label
7 Mar 2016
Mandatory information requirements for labels of Australian wines, mean as a wine lover yo ...