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Andy Allens Charred Corn

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Charred Corn, Fermented Chilli Butter and Pico de Galo 


Fermented chilli butter

100g unsalted butter

100g fermented chilli sauce


Fermented chilli sauce

20 long red chillies 

330ml apple cider vinegar

4 garlic cloves

120ml vegetable oil

30g ginger

80g brown sugar

20g salt flakes

Pico de gallo

2 ripe roma tomatoes, deseeded and diced

1/4 red onion, finely diced

1 garlic clove, minced

1/2 bunch fresh coriander, roughly chopped

10 rounds or pickled jalapeños

45ml lime juice

1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil

Salt and pepper


1. To ferment the chillies, place them in a sterilised jar and cover them with a 5% salt to water brine. For instance, if you’ve got 1 litre or water, you want to add 50g of cooking salt. Then, bring it up to the boil, cool it down and pour it over the chillies. Pop on the lid and sit the jar in a warm place for 10 days.

2. Once your chillies have fermented, take them out of the brine and toss them into a blender with the apple cider vinegar, garlic cloves, vegetable oil, ginger, brown sugar and salt flakes. Blend on high until the hot sauce is super smooth.

3. For the fermented chilli butter, simply whisk 100g of unsalted butter into 100g of the hot sauce over a medium heat, until they’re combined. 

4. For the pico di gallo, simply mix all of the ingredients together in a bowl and season well with salt and pepper.

5. Time for the corn. Peel back the husk from the corn. I think it looks great if you can tie the husk back, like in the picture. If not, don’t stress. This works unbelievably over a charcoal barbecue. Place a cake rack directly onto the hot coals and then lay your corn cobs on top. Once the corn starts to blacken, rotate until all sides have some good colour. Season the corn as soon it comes off the grill with a squeeze of lime and salt flakes. If you don’t have a coal barbecue, you can place the corn over a gas hob stove to achieve 
the same result.

6. Place the corn onto a serving tray, spoon over the fermented chilli butter and top with some of the pico de gallo 

Wine Match:

Chenin Blanc

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