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Scattered sushi (chirashizushi)

Preparation time
15 mins
Cooking time
20 mins


Egg omelette

2 eggs

Salt to taste

Pickled lotus

60g lotus root, peeled

½ cup vinegar

1½ tbsp sugar

½ tsp salt

½ tsp soy sauce

¼ cup dashi stock 

½ tsp soy sauce

Kanpyo & shitake mushrooms

15g kanpyo

4 shitake mushrooms

1½ cups dashi stock

2½ tbsp sugar

1 1/3 tbsp soy sauce

To mix with rice

3 x grilled eel

2 tbsp sake

2 tbsp sugar

2 tbsp mirin

2 tbsp water

1 tbsp soy sauce

Sushi vinegar & rice

3 tbsp sugar

2 tsp salt

4 tbsp vinegar

4 cups cooked sushi rice, warmed


Pickled ginger

Carrot flowers


1. Egg omelette: Mix egg and salt in a small bowl with a fork. Never whisk. Pass through a chinois or fine sieve. Heat oil in a non-stick frying pan over medium heat. Pour half the egg mix into the frying pan, spread by moving the pan. When the edge is starting to dry and it’s almost cooked in the middle, turn over. Cook for a few seconds and move to a board, julienne into strips.

2. Pickled lotus: Cut lotus into thin round slices (on a mandolin). Place the slices in a large bowl filled with cold water and a dash of vinegar. Soak for 15 minutes to remove the starch, then drain. Combine remaining ingredients in a saucepan, bring to the boil. Add drained lotus, cook for a few minutes or until roots change to a lighter colour.

3. Mushrooms: refresh kanpyo and shitake mushroom in water, drain and cut into small pieces. Heat dashi stock in a pot, add kanpyo and mushroom, cook until heated through. Add sugar and soy sauce. Continue to cook until liquid is reduced to a third of its volume.

4. Grilled eel: cut eel into small pieces. Cook eels at medium heat in a pot with cooking liquid and stir until the eels look glossy.

5. Sushi rice: combine vinegar, sugar, salt and soy sauce in a saucepan and bring to a boil. Immediately remove from heat. Stir to dissolve sugar then cool in an ice bath. Stir into cooked rice.  

6. While still hot, add warm eels, mushrooms and liquid from the eels. When mixing with a spatula, use a hand fan to fan the rice while mixing it in a cutting action to avoid breaking it.

7. Garnish with pickled ginger and carrot flowers.

Wine match: Rosé

Preparation time
15 mins
Cooking time
20 mins