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Fundamental Flavour with Squid Brand Fish Sauce

It is to Southeast Asia is what salt is to the West and soy sauce is to China, and if there was one condiment that contributes the most authenticity and umami to Southeast Asian food it has to be Squid Brand Fish Sauce.

The beauty of South East Asian cuisine is always lies within its balance of Sweet, Sour, Bitter, Salty and the magical 5th flavour, Umami. Described as a "pleasant savoury taste", Umami is used as a descriptor across South East Asia when describing the complex, savoury amalgam of flavours that combine to a delicious complexity to a dish or sauce.

And when it comes to Umami, there is no greater or more popular ingredient than Squid Brand Fish Sauce.

Made from 77% high quality anchovy extracts and salt which are naturally fermented to achieve a fragrant aroma and a clear, reddish-brown colour, Squid Brand Fish Sauce is authentically Thai with over 70 years of history. Squid Brand Fish Sauce  is an essential pantry staple and has become a widely preferred condiment in Thai households.


Salty Goodness

You may think you have not had fish sauce before, but if you have ever eaten Vietnamese or Thai food, then you’ve 100% eaten fish sauce. It’s in all your favourite Thai and Vietnamese salad dressings, dips and stir-fries.

There is a common misconception that fish Sauce is “fishy” however, fish sauce is used predominantly to add a complexing, salty edge to dishes.

Besides Thai and Vietnamese cuisines, fish sauce is a staple in Southeast Asia and is widely used. It fits right in with the complex cuisines of Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, and the Philippines. It can sometimes be known by other local names and variations such as nam pla in Thailand, as nước mấm and ngan bya yay in Vietnam but , one thing is certain regardless of preference: fish sauce plays a crucial role in flavouring food in Southeast Asia.


A Powerfull Pantry Partner

A must have for most SE Asian dishes, Squid Brand Fish Sauce is an incredibly versatile staple that can be used widely to add depth, flavour and complexity to most dishes. By adding a splash you will round out and add significant complexity to a stew, stock or dressing. Using Squid Brand Fish Sauce is an easy way to add a hit of funk, flavour, and depth to anything it touches.

Don't be deterred by the pungent aroma; just a dash rounds out a dish in seconds. It a really great way to convince your friends and family you have been cooking for hours, not minutes.  


Buy Now

Squid Brand Fish Sauce is available in major supermarkets and Asian grocery stores.

Add Squid Brand Fish Sauce to your cupboard now and start cooking!


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