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Orange and Fennel BBQ Prawns

Orange and Fennel BBQ Prawns

Preparation time
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1lge Orange, zest, segments and reserve spent flesh to juice

1lge Fennel bulb with fronds, finely sliced

1long Red chili, sliced

1tsp Fennel seeds

1tsp Salt, nutrient dense

1lge Spanish/ red onion, half finely sliced, half roughly chopped

500g/ approx. 4 jumbo green prawns, local to you

100g EVOO, reserve 20g for dressing


1. In a small food processor blitz the orange zest, then half the fennel fronds, the chilli, fennel seeds, salt, half the chopped red onion until a rough paste.  Drizzle in the olive oil until a loose marinade is just combined.

2. To prepare the prawns, cut between the legs and through the flesh to the back of the shell but not through the shell, turn prawn around and split head open continuing along the cut you created.  Open the prawns up to butterfly them and remove all intestinal tracts.  You may need to use a gentle force to press open the prawns to encourage them to lay flat.

3. Preheat your outdoor bbq or indoor griddle pan to a medium high heat.

4. Generously coat the prawns back and front in your marinade. You can leave them for 5-10minutes at room temperature or grill straight away.

5. To cook the prawns, place the shell side down first and grill until prawn flesh is just opaque to half way up, time will depend on size of prawns, maybe as little as a minute or up to three.  Flip prawns to flesh side down and cook for a further 1-3minutes or until flesh is just cooked through, firm, opaque and pink.

6. Whilst the prawns are grilling, prepare your presentation plate. Layer fennel fronds and slices, along with orange segments, and rest of sliced onion. Using your hands squeeze out all remaining juice from the spent orange and dress with EVOO.  Toss through.

7. Once prawns are ready pile them on top of the salad, presenting open flesh to your diner.

Wine MatchRisky Business White Knuckle Chardonnay 2016 & Watershed Shades Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2017

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Health Notes

Gluten free

Grain free, optional

Low Fructose / Minimal sugar

Keto Friendly





Preparation time
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