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SIMON JOHNSON Jukes cordialities

SIMON JOHNSON Cordially yours

Rising interest in alcohol-free drinks has seen many attempt to meet the growing market demand, yet few have done so with the flavour depth of Juke Cordialities, available now in Australia from SIMON JOHNSON.

With the sunny, warm weather in full swing, picnics, barbeques and all manner of outdoor entertainments are no doubt filling up social calendars all across the country. And while old favourites like wine and beer are sure to be part of those celebrations for many, those who prefer not to drink (or to drink less) have no reason to feel left out with the arrival of Jukes Cordialities to Australian shores, available now through SIMON JOHNSON.


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What food to pair your Jukes Cordialities with

Jukes Cordialites - Jukes 1 with citrus and herb flavours

JUKES 1 with Crisp Salads

With citrus, peach blossom, cucumber and tart apple notes, this classic white style pairs well with fresh salads.

Jukes Cordialites - Jukes 2 with layered red fruit flavours

JUKES 2 with Mushrooms

The layered red fruits flavours and faint smokey notes of this light red style compliments mushrooms cooked in butter nicely.


Jukes Cordialites - Jukes 6 with deep and spicy flavours

JUKES 6 with Cheddar

Deep and spicy in style with full fruit flavours in the manner of Shiraz, this makes a fine match for a flavoursome cheddar.

Jukes Cordialites - Jukes 8 with Rosé-like flavours

JUKES 8 with Charcuterie

Refreshing with a dry finish, the melon and pomegranate Rose-like stylings of the Jukes 8 make it a perfect partner to cured meats.


Find flavour in Jukes Cordialities

Until recently, one of the biggest drawbacks of beverages intended as alcohol substitutes, including 0% alcohol wine and beer, has been the lack of flavour depth, with many feeling ‘thin’ on the palate. After all, it is typically alcohol content that gives a wine its body and depth.

What makes Jukes Cordialities different is that, rather than trying to replicate wine outright through taking a produced wine and de-alcoholising it, the range seeks instead to mimic the qualities that make wine so appealing – particularly, its acidity, fruit weight and mouthfeel – through blending apple cider vinegar with carefully considered combinations of several dozen fruits vegetables, herbs and spices into a cordial. Just add chilled still or sparkling water, stir, and away you go.

Find the Jukes Cordialities range at SIMON JOHNSON online.

Each Cordiality is intended to serve as a substitute for a specifc wine or style.


A Matter of Style

Where Jukes Cordialities differs from similar products is its pedigree. The brainchild of popular UK-based wine expert Matthew Jukes, the range is explicitly designed for the most discerning of palates, with each Cordiality intended to serve as a substitute for a specific wine or style. For instance, the Jukes 1 is crafted in the style of a variety of classic white wines, with a base reminiscent of peach blossom and tart apple with a lemon-zest-tinged finish.

Jukes 8 from Jukes Cordialities is modeled after Provence-style Rosé

Jukes 8 is modeled after Provence-style Rosé.


Jukes Cordialities are bold and beautiful

At the other end of the spectrum is the Jukes 6, or ‘The Dark Red’. Fruity, deep and a little spicy in style, the Jukes 6 calls to mind Shiraz and Cabernet blends thanks to a dark fruit core of blackcurrant and blackberries driving the flavour, layered with brighter notes of raspberries and plums, and earthy, herbaceous characters lingering on the finish.

For lovers of Pinot or Grenache, the range also offers up the Jukes 2 (styled after lighter reds); the Jukes 5, reminiscent of Sauvignon Blanc; and the Jukes 8, modelled after Provencestyle Rosé – all vegan-friendly, alcohol-free, and made from all-natural ingredients.

Just add still or sparkling water to your Jukes Cordialities

Just add still or sparkling water to your Jukes Cordialities and you have a 0% alcohol, wine-alternative.


Best servings and partnerships for Jukes Cordialities

The benefits of Jukes Cordialities extend beyond enabling enjoyable, non-alcoholic beverages for your next get-together. There’s also the well-attested-to health benefits of cider vinegar consumption combined with reduced alcohol intake to consider. Thankfully, the Jukes Cordialities range demonstrates its founder’s 30 years’ experience assessing flavour in remarkable fashion.

From colour to aroma to mouthfeel, you'd be hard-pressed to find a wine alternative that ticks as many boxes for wine lovers as Jukes Cordialities. So if you’re looking to change things up a little this summer, chill some water, pour in a little Jukes 1, stir, and soak up that afternoon sun with a glass of ‘Classic White’. Your waistline – and liver – will thank you.

Discover the guilt-free delights of Jukes Cordialities for yourself exclusively through SIMON JOHNSON – available now.

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