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Kitchen innovation - Fisher & Paykel

Fisher & Paykel: Achieve perfect results

Bring your dream kitchen to life with Fisher & Paykel’s beautiful minimal style design featuring seamlessly integrated appliances.

nnovation is at the heart of kitchen design at Fisher & Paykel. With a thorough understanding of how people live, they use cutting-edge technology to design their appliances for the life lived around the product.

Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all kitchens and Fisher & Paykel are at the forefront of helping you create a kitchen that suits how you live.

After all, the kitchen has become more than a space to simply cook – it’s a place where families come together to create nourishing dishes, connecting us in the heart of the home.

Minimal style, maximum beauty

If you’re someone who values subtlety when designing your ideal kitchen, Fisher & Paykel’s Minimal style is the ultimate choice. Delivering a sense of refinement and design clarity, the Minimal style is defined by a single colour palette, creating a pure and purposeful look that’s free of stark contrasts.

Appliances can blend into the background, allowing other kitchen design elements to shine.

Minimal style appliances incorporate subtle differences in material textures and tone, with delicate details revealed upon closer inspection. This restrained treatment is tastefully understated, bringing depth and layering of visual interest while maintaining the simplicity of the style.

Fisher & Paykel’s Column Refrigerators integrate seamlessly into your kitchen design.

With touchscreen ovens, you can cook by food type, function or recipe

A unique kitchen guide

Of course, at the same time as looking chic, Fisher & Paykel show their signature innovative approach in their Minimal style appliances. Take their touchscreen ovens as a great example.

Designed to guide you as you cook, touchscreen ovens ensure every meal delivers perfect results, for novices and experts alike. They allow you to expand your menu to feature a world of different cultures, flavours and ingredients, while also perfecting the classics. The digital interface presents step-by-step instructions for a range of pre-loaded recipes catering for entrées through to desserts. Precise measures, with ideal cooking times and temperatures provide consistently perfect results.

Each cooking function has been perfected to ensure that you have the right heat to match what you’re cooking. A calibrated food probe monitors cooking in real time, giving you confidence in delivering flavoursome and tender Scotch Fillet Roasts every time.

But that doesn’t mean you lose your unique cooking flair. The touchscreen interface allows you to choose whether you cook by food type, function or recipe – either following prompts to the letter, or branching out to create a dish with your own signature twist.

And while you might only be entertaining your immediate family at the moment, when home entertaining is back in full swing, this oven will have you covered. Beautiful to use, the 60cm oven has a family-size 85L total capacity, allowing you to create several perfectly cooked dishes at once using multiple shelves.

The touchscreen oven also goes beyond the traditional functions of baking, heating and roasting. It offers 16 oven functions including Air Fry, Dehydrate and Slow Cook, making cooking a truly rewarding experience. So whether you’re seeking weekday convenience or meeting the demands of the weekend gourmet, Fisher & Paykel’s touchscreen oven has you covered.

optimal foodcare

Of course, having an oven that makes cooking effortless is just one part of creating a perfect meal. How we look after the ingredients before we cook them is just as important. We like flexibility and we want to easily store our food in the best way possible.

Whether it’s preserving the flavour of fresh veggies to create delicious warming winter soups, or keeping your Scotch Fillet pristine for a roast dinner – all the thinking has been done for you with Fisher & Paykel’s Variable Temperature Zone technology, a feature of their Quad Door, CoolDrawer™ and Column refrigerators. This unique attribute provides a new level of cooling flexibility to suit how you shop, cook and live.

Separate food modes allow you to adjust the temperature independently at the press of a button or make manual temperature adjustments to give you full control over the way your food is stored and cared for.

Flexible Cooling Options

Fisher & Paykel’s Variable Temperature Zones include Chill Mode, which retains freshness in highly perishable seafood and meats, which can last 2–3 times longer than when stored at normal fridge temperatures.

While Soft Freeze Mode is ideal for food that requires gentle freezing and quick thawing, perfect for portioning and storing items you can heat, cook or serve straight from the freezer.

Maintain Optimum Temperatures

If your fridge is being constantly opened and closed in the heat of summer, you’re going to have different performance needs to someone in a cool climate who’s out all day.

Fisher & Paykel’s world first, ActiveSmart™ Foodcare technology was developed to improve the performance of your refrigerator. By learning how you live, it continuously adjusts the flow of cold air into your fridge and freezer. This ensures optimum temperatures throughout your fridge for the freshest, finest, nutrient rich foods.

isher & Paykel’s Minimal style touchscreen oven.

Customise Fisher & Paykel’s Integrated Bottom Mount Refrigerators with your own kitchen cabinetry.

The Cellar Door

Quality refrigeration looks after more than just food. When you’ve taken the time to curate a collection of fine wines, you want to show absolute respect to both the vintage and the estate. Fisher & Paykel’s Wine Column Refrigerator has four specially developed wine modes to provide optimal temperatures for serving and cellaring different types of wine.

With Red, White, Sparkling and Cellar modes, the Wine Column Refrigerator ensures that each bottle gets the care it needs to be enjoyed at its best. You can also adjust manually in 0.5°C increments between 6-18°C.

Perfectly integrated

The Wine Column Refrigerator is just one part of Fisher & Paykel’s Integrated range. In this collection, appliances are more like furniture, and the kitchen becomes a beautifully composed space – the perfect fit for the Minimal style.

Custom front panels match your cabinetry and with minimal gaps and a flush fit, Integrated appliances disappear into the kitchen with no visible grilles or hinges. This makes them the perfect option for those with a social kitchen – where the focus is as much on entertaining as it is cooking.

Fisher & Paykel offer a range of Integrated refrigeration products, from their popular French Door Fridges to the innovative CoolDrawer Multi-temperature Drawer to the newest entry and flagship product of the category— Column Refrigerators and Freezers. Another way Fisher & Paykel help you achieve perfect kitchen results!

Explore more innovative ideas at www.fisherpaykel.com/au/

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