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Travel with Avis

Road to Joy with Avis

Australia’s regional communities are waiting for you to come and explore their exciting offerings. And what better way to get there than by hitting the road with Avis.

The challenges of the past year have changed the world of travel forever. Our wanderlust fuelled by far-flung countries and cultures has now shifted to the possibilities that exist in our backyard. 

There is quite simply nowhere on earth with the diversity of landscapes, terrains, coastlines, townships and wildlife that are available to us. From tropical rainforests to pristine, untouched beaches, sandy deserts, snow-capped mountains to lakes and rolling farmlands, the options are endless and the more we see, the greater our appreciation for this beautiful country becomes. 

The exploration possibilities are as vast as our country is big and the one thing that connects all of them are roads. To help elevate and celebrate the great Australian road trip across the whole of 2021, Selector and Wine Selectors have partnered with Avis, the company best suited to help us explore the great roads of Australia.

Road trip with Avis

Explore new towns with Avis

Explore Australia's Wine Regions 

So, where to go!? Australia has so much to offer for the keen wine traveller. From vineyards with an ocean breeze along the Limestone Coast, to Château and Shiraz in the renowned Barossa Valley.

Start Planning Your Road Trip Now! Pick your dream wine destination below, book with Avis and hit the road!


Australia's Best Wineries and Cellar Door Guide



Let Passion Be Your Guide  

Whether it be food, wine, wellness, fitness, music, heritage, art or craft, the ‘Road to Joy’ series will bring to life a range of ‘beyond the tourist trail’ places, people and experiences and connect you to the things you love. 

We will explore farm gate produce and sweet things, arts and craft, bakeries, oyster farms, truffle hunting experiences, seafood experiences, breweries, distilleries, wineries and famous landmarks – we’ll uncover them all.

For our rural economies that rely heavily on tourism, 2020 caused serious challenges and without the regeneration of tourism traffic and visitation, these communities and their businesses will cease to exist.

By exploring our backyard, with a focus on our passions, we will help bring our domestic tourism industry back from the brink and help sustain, and regrow the segments that inspire us and define the rural character of our country.

By exploring and supporting small regional businesses, you will be helping to grow what you love. Who knows, along the way you might help build the next King Island Dairy, the next Goolwa Pippies, the next Tartha Oysters or Blackmore Wagyu, small, artisanal producers whose products have become Australian Icons.

In addition to supporting small, artisanal producers, you will also be supporting the ecosystem around them. From accommodation to cafes and petrol stations, you will be breathing life into an environ that has not only been affected by Covid-19, but by devastation through fires and drought.

About 11 million Australians travel overseas each year, so if even half of these numbers refocus their travel domestically, some much needed economic activity will flow and provide the hope needed to rebuild our rural and tourism areas.



A Drive Becomes an Adventure

With help from Avis, Selector’s ‘Road to Joy’ series will help you turn each drive into an adventure. We will find the things that allow you to go beyond the function of getting from A to B by uncovering places and experiences along the way that enrich each stage of the journey. Like stopping halfway down a road just outside of town to find a hidden waterhole, which the lady working at the café in town told you about.

Or getting a tip from a bartender at the pub about a winery that has no cellar door, but if you rock up between 10am and 12, the winemaker will be there and he’ll be happy to show you some of the region’s best wines straight out of barrel.


Where You Want, When You Want 

The key to turning your trip into an adventure is flexibility, and by choosing Avis, you are tapping into a range of benefits and features that can save you time and keep your journey flexible.

One essential tool for creating flexibility on your road trip is the functionality built into the recently launched Avis Australia car rental app.

With the power to manage your booking from the palm of your hand, this app gives you the ability to simply enjoy where you are, not where you have to be, so you can be free to follow your nose, stay longer and allow your adventure to unfold around you. 


Stay an Extra Day or Two

Imagine getting a tip from a local about a secluded beach that hardly anyone knows about, and just down the road from that is an oyster farmer who has the freshest and most delicious Pacific oysters you are ever going to try. But that secluded beach and oyster farmer are 80 kilometres away and that kind of detour needs an extra day. 

Staying that extra day can be that ‘fork in the road’ decision that takes you into the unknown where your adventure begins. Having the freedom to turn left on instinct could get you lost, but also helps you uncover an experience or a meet a person that changes the whole adventure. Your detour could lead to a delicious discovery that you’ll never forget.

Road trip with Avis

Travel with Avis

Safe Travels

Avis has also gone a step further and implemented the Avis Safety Pledge that is designed to give customers assurance they will receive the highest standards of safety and cleanliness to keep customers and staff safe. These standards include a 15-point cleaning protocol on the interior and exterior of all vehicles prior to every rental. 

This is just another way that Avis helps you find Joy and turn your trip into an adventure.


Book Now 

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