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Wine Trends of 2021

Hottest Wine Trends of 2021

Embrace the latest and greatest of Australia’s extraordinary winemaking scene with Wine Trends 2021, a cutting-edge showcase of the country’s most exciting wines. From small batch to blends, emerging regions and high-end luxury expressions, these are the wines and styles to get on board with in the year to come!


Exotic. Intriguing. Bursting with flavour and character, innately suited to our climate and an absolute delight to enjoy with a huge diversity of cuisines, New Wave wines are where it’s at if you want a taste of what’s to come in Australian wine. From complex, layered reds to refreshing and flavoursome whites, this is one wave you’ll want to catch in 2021.

Ride the New Wave from just $16.50 a bottle.


Heritage. Legacy. Quality. Winemaking often finds its truest expression in the concerted effort of family, bound across the generations by a shared love of the vine. Aussie wine lovers are increasingly seeking out wines of provenance and passion, and there’s no surer proof of authenticity than the collective hard work of Australian families.

For anyone with an interest in the story behind the wine in their bottle, these family-owned and operated selections are a must.

Find new family-owned favourites to share with your own clan plus enjoy a bonus bottle with every dozen!


Full-bodied Chardonnay

After years of measured restraint in Chardonnay production and preference, winemakers and wine lovers are together rediscovering the unquestionable appeal of opulent, fuller-bodied Chardonnay. Decadent, layered and ripe, these are the kind of wines that first made the world sit up and recognise Australian whites as a trend for others to follow.

Experience popular favourites from $16.50 a bottle, or luxuriate in ultra-premium selections that redefine indulgence… the choice is yours.


The story of Australian wine keeps getting richer, with a host of emerging regions now being recognised as focal points of premium wine production. Names like Orange, Mount Benson, Hilltops, Geographe, the Riverina and Tasmania are increasingly being spoken of in the same breath as greats like the Barossa Valley and Margaret River, and these wines demonstrate why. Look beyond the household names and embrace the tastes of tomorrow’s great wine regions today.

Take the path less travelled and explore the brilliance of our broader regions for an exciting $17.50 a bottle.


Organic wines

One of the defining trends of the last decade has been an embrace of all things organic. Grown, tended to and crafted with minimal intervention, organic producers have led the way in the establishment of a more sustainable viticulture, and the resulting wines have evolved to be among the most expressive and interesting wines to be found anywhere. Farmed with the lightest touch to elicit each varietal’s natural flavours, this selection from Australia’s pioneering organic wineries is sure to impress.

Go all-in on organic with great wines for just $20 a bottle.


Already on-trend with organic wines? Keep ahead of the curve with an Organic Wine Subscription from Wine Selectors. Sourced directly from some of Australia’s longest-running organic-certified producers and delivered to your door according to your schedule, there’s no better way to experience the diversity and quality of these fantastic wines in all their natural splendour. Includes detailed tasting notes and a FREE copy of the latest Selector magazine in every pack!


Following on from the success of Rosé among Australian wine lovers, Sparkling Rosé is booming in popularity for its easy-drinking nature and refreshing character. This is one trend that will only get bigger and better – put some sparkle in your life with scintillating wines from some of the style’s most accomplished producers with this delightful selection.

Get standard-setting Sparkling Rosé from $18.25^ a bottle.


Mediterranean Reds

More and more Australians are discovering the unbridled pleasures to be had in Mediterranean varieties. Ideally suited to our climate, fantastic with a huge range of foods, and full of all the romance and passion of their places of origin, this is one hot trend indeed. Seeking a feast for the senses? You’ve got it in this scorching selection of Mediterranean reds.

Bring the Mediterranean to your table this year from the charming price of $16.50^ a bottle.


Australia’s winemaking legacy was, in large part, built upon our skill for making great dry table wines from meticulously crafted blends. Now, after years of single-varietal celebration, winemakers are returning to the Old World art of blending with renewed vigour – and Aussie wine lovers are experiencing just how much greater such wines are than the sum of their parts. As you’ll discover in this trending selection, the blend is most certainly your friend.

Raise your glass to a great winemaking revival with sensational Aussie blends for $16.50 a bottle.


Aged wines

As the sophistication of the Australian wine-loving public has matured, appreciation of the developed subtleties and complexities of beautifully aged wines has also increased – a trend that celebrates the true essence of wine as a living thing that evolves over time. And while good things come to those who wait, each wine below has been perfectly cellared for at least 5 years – making them ready to enjoy now in all their matured glory.

Gracefully aged greats, yours to enjoy from $30^ a bottle.


Never before have so many people turned their attention to artisanal offerings, and small batch wines are the very definition of this trend. Drawn from single vineyards or even single blocks, such wines are crafted only from the very best barrels, and released only in very limited numbers. Representing the pinnacle of their makers’ craft, these are the true standardbearers of Australian wine.

Go big with small batch wines and save handsomely.


Benchmark Luxury wines

Australian wine lovers are displaying an increasing discernment in their consumption, with many choosing top-shelf wines of unquestioned excellence when the time comes to indulge or celebrate. These limited release benchmark wines meet that trend head-on with characteristic class, and are ideal for both aspiring and serious collectors to add to their cellars.

Blaze a trail with benchmark wines for $50 a bottle.


For those who truly set the trends in wine, vineyard-level knowledge is the ultimate arbiter of provenance and style. Concentrating on a single site means the winemaking team is able to give more attention to its vines, leading to higher quality fruit. And the best way to assess the characters of a particular site is through direct varietal comparison. Get the measure of the winemaker’s true craft with carefully curated single vineyard expressions, from some of our finest producers.

Single vineyard reds to revere, yours for the special price of just $35 a bottle.


If there is one constant in Australian wine, it’s the fact that quality can be enjoyed at any price point.

Enjoy these timeless value expressions for just $13 a bottle!


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