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Grilled Lamb Cutlets with Three Sauces

Preparation time
Cooking time


18 Lamb cutlets

Sea Salt

Cobram Estate light EVOO

Yoghurt Sauce

200g Greek yoghurt

1tbs Paprika

1tbs cumin powder

Sea Salt

Herb Sauce

1 bunch of Parsley

1 bunch of Basil

2 anchovies

1 cup Cobram Estate light EVOO


Burnt butter sauce

100g Butter

½ Lemon


Season the lamb cutlets with salt and EVOO. Add the cutlets to a hot grill pan or BBQ. Cook for about 2 minutes each side.

Meanwhile, to make the Yoghurt sauce, in a mixing bowl add yoghurt, paprika, cumin, EVOO, a squeeze of lemon and salt. Mix to combine.

To make the burnt butter sauce, in a hot pan, melt butter and cook until just golden. Add a squeeze of lemon.

For the Herb sauce, blend together herbs, anchovies and EVOO.

To serve, on a platter add cutlets. Top with a spoonful of each sauce onto the cutlet.

Wine Match: Berrigan Sauvignon Blanc 2017 & Watershed Shades Merlot 2016

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Preparation time
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