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Selection of herbs and spices used in traditional Indian recipes

Curry recipes and wine pairing

Are you a lover of curry and a lover of wine, but don’t know how to match your favourites?

Check out our easy-to-follow curry recipes guide that will have you tucking into beautifully steaming bowls from Thai chicken curry and coconut crab curry to Indian massaman beef curry, and more, all with suggested wine with curry pairings you’re guaranteed to enjoy.



Full of deep, satisfying flavour, comforting curries are world-wide favourites. The amazing array of curry recipes offer a huge range of heat and texture variations, as well as delicate, warm, and fiery spices. But what wines pair well with curry?

While it’s easier to pair wine with the milder, aromatic curries, if you’re going hot, stick with light and aromatic whites or light to medium weight and savoury reds and don’t forget the classic match of off-dry Riesling which is the perfect way to enjoy a fiery feast.




Fish curry, steamed rice and banana salsa

Fish curry, steamed rice and banana salsa

As with many fish dishes, light weight white wines including Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris and Pinot Grigio are excellent pairings. For lovers of alternative varietals, and those looking to try something different, Gewürztraminer and Grüner Veltliner are also delicious.

Lyndey Milan's salmon curry recipe

Salmon curry with corn and snake beans

It’s well established that Riesling is the go-to with Asian flavours, that is why it’s our ideal pairing with this scrumptious salmon curry. Marsanne is another classic pairing for seafood and either (or both) will make this dish one that you’ll remember.



Poh's prawn and pineapple curry

Prawn and pineapple curry

Most of us don’t think to pair seafood and pineapple with red wines, but when combined with curry it’s a perfect match. This dish is a winner with light, and light to medium weight reds with softer tannins and fruit sweetness offsetting the heat in the dish. Try it with Pinot Noir, Merlot, GrenacheGSM and Nero d’Avola.

Lyndey Milan's Thai Red Prawn Curry

Thai red prawn curry

It goes without saying that prawns and Semillon, and prawns and Riesling go hand-in-hand. Sauvignon Blanc blends, Gewürztraminer, Pinot G, and or a modern Aussie Chardonnay also offer a delectable pairing.



Anjum Anand's coastal crab and coconut curry

Crab and coconut curry

With the use of so many aromatic and full-flavoured spices in this dish, a richer, fuller, and more textural white wine like an aged Riesling, Marsanne, Roussanne or Chardonnay is required to balance its complexity. And of course, all are classic pairings with seafood.



Lyndey Milan's chicken coconut curry

Chicken and coconut curry

This curry, while still light in the spectrum of Indian curries, is medium spiced, complex, and fragrant. For this dish an aromatic white  with depth, texture and balanced acidity is needed to stand up to the complexity of the flavours but not dominate the chicken. Pinot Gris is a solid choice, as are fruit-driven Verdelho, modern Aussie Chardonnay, and the alternative varieties of Arneis and Fiano

Lyndey Milan recipe for Kapitan-style chicken curry

Kapitan style chicken curry

Lyndey Milan's recipe for Kapitan-style chicken curry calls for the classic pairing of chicken and Chardonnay. An aged Semillon, with plenty of flavour depth, would also hit the spot.

Sujet Saenkham’s Green Curry Chicken thumb

Thai green chicken curry

With its creamy coconut base and aromatic profile, this green chicken curry calls for a medium weight and textural white wine like a Verdelho, Chardonnay or Viognier. Verdelho is very much a winning pairing here.

Anjum Anand's Mangalorean chicken curry

Mangalorean chicken curry

Traditionally, Mangalorean chicken curry is spicy, however, the sweetness of the coconut does offset the heat of the red chillies somewhat. This dish is usually served with pundi, roti, neer dosa and rice, with light to medium weight reds like Pinot Noir, Grenache and GSM blends the perfect wine pairing.



Massaman beef cheek curry with pearl cous cous

Massaman beef cheek curry

The rich, full-bodied flavours of curries like massaman beef cheek curry need a wine that can match its generosity. Classic red choices include Shiraz blends and Cabernet blends or go for a Tempranillo or Sangiovese.

Chargrilled beef and peanut green curry

Chargrilled beef and peanut green curry

With its creamy coconut base and aromatic profile, this green beef curry calls for a medium weight and textural white wine like a Verdelho, Chardonnay, or a Viognier. Verdelho is very much a winning pairing here.



Lyndey Milans Massaman Curry Of Goat Recipe

Massaman goat curry

The gamey, earthy flavours of goat curry pairs particularly well with lighter and medium- bodied reds that have finer tannins and lower acidity including Pinot Noir, Grenache, or GSM blends.



Afghan Nakhot chickpea curry

Chickpea curry

Choose a full-flavoured white like Verdelho, Chardonnay, or Viognier to pair with this delectable chickpea curry. Anything too light-light bodied will be overpowered by the myriad of flavours in this dish.  



As you can see from the above curry recipe and wine pairings, white drinkers are safe with a dry, savoury style like Riesling for its universal appeal, while Rosé is also another great multi-purpose option. For the red drinkers out there, light to medium weight and savoury reds are a good choice, with Merlot working well with dishes that have a bit of heat.

Our final bit of advice when it comes to choosing wines to go with Indian curry is to avoid overly tannic reds such as Nebbiolo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo, or Montepulciano, which will accentuate any chilli heat or bitterness within the dish.

So, there you have it. You can now pair your favourite curries and wines with confidence.


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Published on
5 Jul 2023


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