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Moreish Moro

Moreish Moro

Alongside olive oil, a good vinegar is a must for every pantry - and Moro knows what it takes to craft the very best.

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Since its first recorded culinary use in ancient Babylonia, vinegar has been a gift bestowed on humankind from a generous mother nature, working hand in hand with skilled makers.

This simple condiment and its surprisingly extensive repertoire can stimulate the palate, tie elements of a dish together, temper richness, add depth and complexity, and balance sweet and savoury. Traditionally made from the juice of just-harvested white grapes boiled down to reduce and concentrate the sugars, then fermented to further concentrate the flavours before maturing in wooden casks to become sweet and viscous, it truly is one of the ancient wonders of the food world – and few make it better in the modern day than Moro.

Moreish Moro

Moro vinegar range.

Moro Aged Balsamic Vinegar is made in truly authentic fashion. Like all Moro Balsamic products it enjoys Protected Geographic Origin (PGI) status for its use of premium wine vinegar and grape musts from the provinces of Modena, sourced from the seven most-cultivated grape varieties in Emilia Romagna to ensure perfect acidity and sugar content. Blended, then aged for three years in barrique, Moro’s Aged Balsamic Vinegar is a mellow, deeply flavoured, dark caramel-coloured vinegar with a hint of sweetness. Best added at the end of cooking, treat it like a condiment for roasted meats or vegetables. Also famously pairs beautifully with strawberries.

Matured in wooden casks for two months, Moro Balsamic Vinegar is crafted in a long-established, noble tradition in the home of artisan balsamic, the Italian city of Modena in Emilia Romagna. The perfect everyday vinegar, use it on its own, combine with olive oil for a perfectly dressed salad, or add a splash for extra depth to a sauce such as bolognaise.

Aged in wooden casks before being bottled at their peak, Moro Red and White Wine Vinegars are bold without being brash. Great all-rounders, use to add brightness to salad dressings or tenderise meat in marinades. Red Wine Vinegar can also be used to level up slow cooked dishes such as stews, as a pleasant acidic counterpoint to an herbaceous salsa verde or chimichurri, while White Wine Vinegar is ideal for pickling.

Moreish Moro

Moro vinegar aging in barrels.

Known as ‘the mother’, that mysterious bit of cloudiness at the bottom of the bottle is an indication that Moro Apple Cider Vinegar is alive with health-giving microbes. Made with organic Fuji, Granny Smith and Golden Gala apples grown in sun-kissed Italian soils, gently pressed to release their juice then fermented in wood, Moro’s Apple Cider Vinegar is light and bright, with a subtly sweet, fresh apple flavour. Use it to deglaze a pork roasting pan, as an ingredient in a sweet and sour-style barbeque sauce, or add a splash to braised vegetables such as cabbage.

Nutty and sweet with woody, slightly smokey notes, Moro Sherry Vinegar is Spanish-certified DOP (Denominación de Origen Protegida). With a subtle sherry tang from being barrel-aged for six months, it’s robust enough to take on bold stews, chicken tray bakes, whisked into vinaigrettes for bold salads, or splashed over barbequed or grilled vegetables.

Dark, glossy and a perfect ying/yang of sweet and tangy, Moro’s Italian Glaze is made from cooked grape must and balsamic vinegar of Modena. Squeeze over pizza, chargrilled vegetables, and full-bodied blue or goat’s cheese; or, use as a glaze on grilled salmon, chicken or pork. Moro’s versatile Italian Glaze can also be used in sweets – brush it over grilled peaches or figs, or drizzle over creamy vanilla ice-cream. In a word, delicious!

Published on
31 Oct 2022


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