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International Women's Day Women in Wine Emma Raidis of Raidis Estate

Women in Wine: Emma Raidis



Emma Raidis’ initiation into the world of wine wasn't scripted but emerged organically from her background in sales and travel. Love, in the form of her husband Steven and the vineyards he was cultivating, led her to where she is today, wearing many hats at Raidis Estate. 

What began as a desire to spend more quality time with Steven evolved into a genuine passion for the intricacies of winemaking—a blend of science, craftsmanship, and artistry that captivated her.

Today, as challenges dot the landscape of the Australian wine industry, Emma's anticipation is not just for the upcoming vintage but for the resilience of the sector.

While juggling various roles, from vineyard care to marketing, Emma cherishes the connections made with customers. For her, the true highlight lies in the shared experiences and the positive impact their wines bring to the moments of joy and celebration in people’s lives.


How did you get started in the industry, and what inspired you to work in the wine industry?

My entry into the wine industry was an unexpected turn from my background in sales and travel. When I met my husband, Steven, he was planting the vineyards that now supply our brand. Initially, I helped out to spend more time together. As the business took off, my involvement deepened. The blend of science, craftsmanship, and artistry in winemaking fascinated me. From tending to the vineyards to contributing to marketing, we wear many hats. What started as a desire for quality time evolved into a genuine passion for an industry I love being a part of.


What are you most excited about in the Australian wine industry right now?

While the Australian wine industry is currently facing challenges, one of the exciting prospects is the anticipated success of vintage 2024. Despite the difficulties in selling wine, there is optimism surrounding this vintage due to favourable weather conditions, including a series of warm ripening days. This positive outlook for the grape harvest in 2024 could potentially contribute to the industry's resilience and provide an opportunity for producers to showcase exceptional wines, adding a hopeful note to the current challenges faced by the Australian wine market.


What are some of your favourite highlights throughout your career in wine? 

The best part about making wine is getting to know the people you share it with. Our customers are my highlight; knowing that people enjoy what we make and support us is my career highlight. Establishing a connection with those who appreciate our craft and being part of their moments of joy and celebration is truly fulfilling. It's the shared experience and the positive impact on others that what we do is great.

Published on
8 Mar 2024


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